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10 comments to A Date with a Gay Geek? What would a date with me be like?

  • Carlos E.  says:

    HOLY SHIT!! I have to go change my underwear now! And take a few cold showers to calm down! Great video and yes Geeks do it Best. And a big aggressive geek will do you best 😉

    • admin admin  says:

      Hehe giggity! Thanks dude!

  • Milt  says:

    Dear boy, “fuck your brains out”. Really ? ’tis a consumation devoutly to be wished. (I think that’s in Shakespeare somewhere or another).Woo-ha! Rock on.

  • Tony  says:

    why not do both dates in one

    • admin admin  says:

      That’s true, I could do both!

  • Robert Counihan  says:

    No Words!!!!! (gasp!)

  • J.L. O'Faolain J.L. O'Faolain  says:

    Sounds like a date to remember! :*

  • kelvin  says:

    this is hot and awesome at the same time paul

  • Alex  says:

    Can you just fuck my brains out all night?

  • Taylor  says:

    Best Video EVER!!!!

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