A Holy Visit – Lucio Saints Scene Review – Another Mormon Missionary Scene!

Holy Visit Lucio Saints.Movie_Snapshot

Hot damn, you know I love porn scenes with Missionaries in it and this scene does have them in it! And what’s better, these guys are fucking hot. How the fuck did I not know about Lucio Saints before now?! I saw a trailer for one of their scenes with a guy that was surrounded by dicks in a room, but I didn’t know how good the site’s scenes really were. Damn, I have to re-visit this site and talk about more scenes.

Lucio Saints

It helps a lot that the owner himself, Lucio Saints, is pretty fucking hot himself! So seeing him fuck some of his models is just jizztastic! To check out my review on this scene below and to see this scene in it’s entirety, go to: LucioSaints.com

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This scene stars: Yury Lynsenko and Robbie Rojo

Yury and Robbie