Bane vs. Batman, X-Men Gold, Nightwing and more – Comic Load 4/5/2017

It’s comic book day! Here’s my comic book load:

Batman #20 – Bane vs. Batman. This is a bloody, all out fight!
Nightwing #18 – Nightwing and Damian fight Professor Pyg. But big surprise ending!
Star Wars #30 – Yoda’s backstory is continued with this Star Wars Prequel that has ties to Luke
Steve Rogers Captain America #15 – The Prelude to the Secret Empire Marvel Event.
Spider-Man #15 – Miles comes out as being Spider-Man…or his mom finds out that he’s Spider-Man
Walking Dead #166 – Andrea is bitten. This is sad since she has been there since the beginning.
Superman #20 – Batman and Damian guest star and try to find out the reason why Superboy is not as powerful as he should be.
X-Gold #1 – The new X-Team is united under Kitty Pryde. Decent first issue and hopefully this will start up a good mutant X-series within Marvel.

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