Ben Affleck as Batman is growing on me!

At first I wasn’t on board with Ben Affleck as Batman, but I gotta admit that he’s starting to grow on me. Especially since at San Diego Comic Con (which I am so jealous of everyone that is attending this), has shown some new images of Affleck as Batman.

Granted, the Bat-cowl and suit has been photoshopped to be the two-toned grey that everyone is begging to have, but I’m liking the direction that the upcoming Superman v. Batman is taking. Plus, I think that Affleck is starting to bulk up a bit and is definitely changing his looks to be more Bruce Wayne-ish.

What do you guys think?


Batman Ben Affleck 2

Batman Ben Affleck


2 comments to Ben Affleck as Batman is growing on me!

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    I didn’t hate the idea of Affleck for the role. He did okay in Daredevil. I question whether or not he can pull off a big role like Batman, but not because I dislike the guy.

  • Larry  says:

    Well Ben Affleck as Batman never bothered me, I’ve ogt other issues with the movie. But the Batman stuff does look cool.

What are your thoughts?