Bisexual Kid Flash Actor – Keiynan Lonsdale – Appreciation Post


Most people are aware of this, but just in case a couple of you missed it, Kid Flash actor Keiynan Lonsdale aka Wally West, recently came out as bisexual. He said this in a wonderful post on Instagram and retweeted on Twitter.

This man is awesome! I feel like he’s been underused on the Flash series, and I was hoping that his character would not be completely heterosexual. Still, that does not mean that he cannot be a bisexual character and that he could get a huge push next season. With that, here’s some awesome pics of Keiynan.

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In case you were not aware, another male bisexual actor on Flash was Andy Mientus who plays Pied Piper. Coincidentally, the Pied Piper is a gay character himself.

5 comments to Bisexual Kid Flash Actor – Keiynan Lonsdale – Appreciation Post

  • Avatar Mike  says:

    I love his smile in the gif with the dessert. Such contentment & joy 😀

  • Jonathan O'Faolain Jonathan O'Faolain  says:

    I love that you show bisexual love on your website here. It’s amazing and inspiring and just plain awesome!

    Lots of people don’t, straight or gay. >:(

  • Avatar Dawnell (@Dawnell_do)  says:

    This is all new to me and it’s wonderful.

  • Avatar Cam  says:

    Who is that he’s kissing? He looks familiar….

  • Avatar Jan van Es (@Jan_van_Es)  says:

    You know the one gif where they all look to the side, do you know where that is from?

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