Can We just Appreciate Henry Cavill’s Big Hairy Chest in the Batman V. Superman Movie Universe?

Henry Cavill

I am a huge fan of big hairy chests. It’s something I have always wanted myself, but genetics do not give me anything but small patches of hair. So in essence, I love seeing the hairy chests of others and Superman is one of the best known hairy chested superheroes of all time. What is even more, I was unaware of this fact, but according to
Death of Superman

Nerdy Fact #1450: Superman actor Henry Cavill refused to shave his chest in order to portray the character in Man of Steel, citing the character’s hairy chest in the Death of Superman comic storyline as his reason against it.

I am so happy about that! Besides the fact that Cavill is incredibly drop dead sexy, but knowing that he chose not to shave his chest because he wanted to be comic book accurate just made jizz a little in my pants. Comic accuracy is sometimes taken away because directors do not feel as though we the audience would not be as pleased with certain aspects. In this case, I am very happy that Henry kept his awesome chest hair for Superman. I am so happy and excited to see the new Batman V. Superman movie coming out. I know many images and videos have been released, but here’s some more Henry Cavill goodness. The last crotch/bulge pic has been proven to be fake and has been altered, but the ice bucket challenge GIF is not altered. That’s all Henry! There’s a couple Batman/Wonder Woman pics in there too. Enjoy!