Casey Cott will Play Gay Character – Kevin Keller on the New Archie TV Show – Let the Conservatives be ANGRY!

Newsies Casey Cott

If you are unaware, there is new Pilot for the CW network called Riverdale that is being made. This is suppose to be modeled after the popular Archies comic book that has been published for many years. All of the major characters have been cast, with the exception of one character that was noticeably absent. However that has changed. The recently introduced openly gay character known as Kevin Keller has been cast. Broadway’s Newsies star, Casey Cott has been cast as this character. So, I will be watching this show. Or at least watching attempt to watch the show. Hopefully the show will be done right and will be faithful to the comics. It could go either way, but I hold out hope that it will be done right. Stay tuned!