Disturbed – Bromo UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

What would you do if you saw a guy jerking off over you while you’d sleep? You’d probably freak out. But in the fantasy world of porn from, things never go that way. In fact you usually end up fucking the guy doing it.

To see this scene,...

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Intruders Part 1 Bromo UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

Ever have a fantasy of a guy breaking into your place and forcing you to be his willing slut? Well the Intruder series from Bromo does just that! This first scene has Brad Powers breaking into the home of Pierce Hartman who is making a cake at the...

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Dirty Rider – UNCUT Series Review from (NSFW)


Everyone loves outdoor sex and many love motorcycles and/or ATVs, which this series from Bromo has both. Plus we get some super fucking guys getting all dirty and nasty with each other after riding around in the desert grounds of California...

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Cream for Me Part 4 – A Gay XXX Parody Review from Bromo.Com (NSFW)


The final part to the Cream for Me series from is out. They definitely saved the best for last...

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Cream for Me Pt 3 – A Gay XXX Parody Review from Bromo.Com (NSFW)


It’s the 3rd pt to the Cream for Me series from This time we have Vadim Black come in and meet with Ghostface. This is a very hot scene involving the two of them these guys with Ghostface again being played by Brad Banks...

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Cream for Me Part 2 – A Gay XXX Parody Review from Bromo.Com (NSFW)


Cream For Me Part 2 – A Gay XXX Parody from is out! This time we have Ghostface, still played by Brad Banks, taking advantage of a helpless Tobias. Well not helpless and far from unwilling...

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Cream For Me – A XXX Parody Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review from (NSFW)

Remember the Scream series? I’m not a huge fan of the MTV show myself, but the movies were awesome! has made their own parody series based on this popular franchise and the first part just recently came out. Here’s my thoughts on it.


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Train Me – Gay XXX UNCUT Porn Series Review from (NSFW)


Oh yeah, have you ever wanted to be taken advantage of by your personal trainer? Well if you can afford a personal trainer. They are expensive. Anyways, the Train Me series over at do just that! This series has Shawn Reeve as a the pervy...

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