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Civil War II Conclusion and Where Is Tim Drake aka Red Robin – Comic Load 12/28/2016

It’s comic book day! So many great comics came out today. I could not get to all of them, but here’s what I did get to read.
Star Wars #26 – A back story with Yoda is always awesome!
Civil War II #8 – The Conclusion to this Marvel epic title is fi...

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He-Man/Thundercats #3 – DC Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

We are half way through the He-Man/Thundercats crossover from DC Comics. Skeletor has supposedly killed Mumm-Ra and taken the power of He-Man for himself. But luckily the Thundercats have finally entered the fight...

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Inhumans vs. X-Men #1 and Still No Word On Tim Drake – Comic Load 12/14/2016

Flash #12 – Barry and Wally are stuck in the Shadowlands dimension and have to work together to free Iris and escape.
Action Comics #969 – Lex Luthor has been captured by two intergalactic saviors that fear that Lex will kill millions in the futur...

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Midnighter and Apollo #3 – DC Comic Book Review Spoilers

The third issue to Midnighter and Apollo’s mini series is out. To recap- Apollo is in hell and being held by Neron. Midnighter is fighting his way into hell to get his boyfriend back. It is as tough as it sounds...

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Wonder Woman Meets the Bionic Woman and Nightwing’s Ass – Comic Load 12/7/2016

It’s comic book day! Richard Rider is back as Nova along side Sam Alexander in Nova #1. We have Superman meeting Frankenstein (the monster is actually called Frankenstein in the DC Universe) in Superman #12...

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Wiccan and Hulkling’s Goodbye – New Avenger’s #18 – Superman, Batman, and Star Wars Annuals – Comic Load 11/30/2016


The new origin of Ace the Bathound is introduced in Batman Annual #1.
Superman gets more in sync with the current Earth he is on with Swamp Thing’s help on Superman Annual #1.
Princess Leia is saved by a new member of the rebellion over in Star Wa...

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Wally’s Last Run on Titans & Wonder Woman Lies Conclusion – Comic Load 11/23/2016


Terry infiltrates the Jokerz gang and we learn the fate of the Joker in that universe over in Batman Beyond #2.
Two aliens show up to capture Lex Luthor over his future crimes in Action Comics #968.
Wonder Woman discovers that her memories are fak...

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Robin II – The Joker’s Wild – DC Comic Book Mini Series Review (SPOILERS) – Tim Drake Series


Tim Drake is the bestest of the Robins in my opinion. The Joker’s Wild storyline is his first adventure in Gotham City while taking on the Joker without Batman...

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He-Man Thundercats #2 – DC Comic Book Review SPOILERS


It’s the second issue for the He-Man/Thundercats crossover that fans have been waiting to see for over 30 years. This issue is more Masters of the Universe heavy and barely shows the Thundercats, but we get an epic battle...

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Demolition Man is Gay & Starfox is Bisexual – Comic Load 11/16/2016


The week we have Superboy and Robin trying to be more of a team in Superman #11. Nightwing teaming up with Superman in Nightwing #9. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz taking on the Phantom Lantern in Green Lanterns #11...

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