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GayComicGeek in Peril – by (NSFW)

Have you seen this?! Holy fracking hell! These two pieces were made by Herrilos. These are the type of situations my GayComicGeek character seems to get into. A lot. This artist is badass! I’m so happy that he did it. I hope he makes more later down the line.

Also, little known fact, the aura and after effect of the GayComicGeek’s superhuman abilities actually amplifies men’s metabolism and sex drive. It’s involuntary...

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GayComicGeek Art – By AddictedToRopes (NSFW-ish)

I always encourage art to be done by any artist out there. The sluttier, the better too! And damn I wish I could grow facial hair this good. Anyways, this piece was made by Addicted to Ropes over on Tumblr. I love it! He got the tats down, and now I want some GCG underwear. It can easily be made.

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Pumba is a fracking badass artist! Check out this GayComicGeek Drawing he did!

GayComicGeek Drawing by Pumba

His name is Bryan aka Pumba and he’s amazing! He entered into my porn contest a couple months back but I’ve followed him and slightly stalked him ever since. I love everything that he’s posted. His art skills are off the chart and I have to say that he’s pretty easy on the eyes too. I’m not just saying that cause he’s hot, (which he is) but also that he’s a great cosplayer too. Check out his Sokka costume from Avatar- The Last Airbender:


He’s done other costumes and lots of art pieces...

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RocketMenStudio Drew this pic of the GayComicGeek Character, and holy fuck it’s awesome!

RocketMenStudio just drew this pic of me with Batman and Superman, and holy fuck! I fucking love sexy pics like this. I’m gonna have to post this pic everywhere now. Check out his Tumblr site at: to see his other work. This guy is a fucking genius!

Rocket Studio GayComicGeek Picture

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Contest WINNERS!!!!

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The Contest winners had more categories that I thought it would have initially. With all of the submissions, my friends had to make new categories. Including, the Most Tenacious, with the multiple entries by Devon Chenoweth and the animation category by Gene Lightfoot. Also, Christian Ashlar entered a story with a art piece, so he had to win too!

With that being said, the fo...

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Another Contest Submission! From Deathstrums!


Deathstrums (Dom) in Venom Attire taking 12 inches of GCG

Art Page:

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Two more GayComicGeek – Contest Submissions from DarkarWulf and David S!

This first admission is from DarkarWulf. You just gotta love that he used a Green Lantern and Hyperion in this pic! Very random, but awesome!

Jerry Lewis DarkarWulf

Next is from David S, which incorporates Spider-Man and Venom!

David Scanlon

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Fan Art – Contest Entry- by Choklit Daddy!


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Contest Submission – Art (DAMN, look at how accurate the tattoos are!)

Holy fuck! This guy, Bryan aka Pumba actually got my tats down to a science! I mean he even got my new tats down. This guys is fucking amazing!!! Look at his work. I particularly like the second pic with jizz all over me. But that’s just my opinion! What do you guys think?

Gay Comic Geek Bryan Pumba

Gay Comic Geek-version 2 Bryan Pumba

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Contest Entry- GCG Pounded by the Blue Power Ranger (FUCK YEAH!) and Story by Christian Ashlar

Christian Ashlar

Small white flickers of light woke the young man lying on the cold steel table. These same flickers of light danced around the backs of his eyes as he tried to sit up without the world spinning. He was dizzy, unable to focus and unsure of where he was. Breathing was still a chore and attempting to focus his eyes was impossible.
“Well, well, look who decided to wake up.”
The voice sounded like it came from all around him...

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