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Contest Submission – Art (DAMN, look at how accurate the tattoos are!)

Holy fuck! This guy, Bryan aka Pumba actually got my tats down to a science! I mean he even got my new tats down. This guys is fucking amazing!!! Look at his work. I particularly like the second pic with jizz all over me. But that’s just my opinion! What do you guys think?

Gay Comic Geek Bryan Pumba

Gay Comic Geek-version 2 Bryan Pumba

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Contest Entry- GCG Pounded by the Blue Power Ranger (FUCK YEAH!) and Story by Christian Ashlar

Christian Ashlar

Small white flickers of light woke the young man lying on the cold steel table. These same flickers of light danced around the backs of his eyes as he tried to sit up without the world spinning. He was dizzy, unable to focus and unsure of where he was. Breathing was still a chore and attempting to focus his eyes was impossible.
“Well, well, look who decided to wake up.”
The voice sounded like it came from all around him...

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GCG – Drawing by Christian Ashlar

Christian Ashlar just updated his spit roasting Entry for the GCG! By the way, that’s suppose to be comic legends, Jezza Smilez and Patrick Fillion!


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Contest Submission- GCG Splack-Up #2 by Darkstar72

GCG Splack-Up #2 by Darkstar72

“How do I keep getting into situations like this?” mutters Paul as a slick, pulsing tentacle invades his asshole. Paul grits his teeth and tries to struggle as the tentacle fucks him. Paul’s captor, Rancor, grins at the display. “Struggle and fight all you want, Gay Comic Geek, but you can’t stop this. You will be my new host.” Paul scans the room for the sonic lance he brought. It’s the only thing that can stop this...

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The GayComicGeek Corp!

I love the idea of having more than one GayComicGeek character. How about an actual GCG Corp?? This is so fucking cool! And yeah the last one is just me splacking myself. Who hasn’t imagined doing themselves?

GCG Beyond

GCG Girl

GCG Mage

GCG Werewolf




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GCG Contest Submission by Michael Smith- Star-Hammer and a “Tail” of Two Paul’s

Star-Hammer and a “Tail” of Two Paul’s.

Fan-fiction, Starring: The Gay Comic Geek:

Written By: Micheal Smith

Sleep had never felt so good; and as Paul wakes from a deep penetrating rest, the whole world seems renewed with vigor: to that of our hero. And as the sun now breaks through the cold winter glass, rays of warmth wash across his pale naked form. His body now yawns and stretches, elongating his anatomy, and pronouncing each and every chiseled ab with decadent delight...

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GayComicGeek Contest- Fan Art Submission

This is any interesting take. James Ru did this piece

Gay Comic Geek poster

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GayComicGeek Contest Submission by Michael Smith

The Inter-Dimensional “Hole” Story.

Part: 1

Written By: Micheal Smith

Fan-fiction for Paul Charles, The Gay Comic Geek.

One can feel winter coming, as the sun falls away into the night sky. And as darkness grips this shadowed land, our hero Paul Charles walks over a desolate concrete jungle: tired and defeated. The villains of his life had thwarted his advances, evil had won; at least for today…

As Paul now stands within an empty hallway, he fumbles around within his tight pockets, searching...

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GayComicGeek – Contest Fanfiction Submission – Frtitz (WITH DIRK CABER!!!)

Geek Porn

Ok, I guess I’d call it that.

I know all you fans out there keep asking me when I’m gonna make my porn debut and I’m always really flattered and I get a kick out of hearing it and all but it never sounded like a practical reality.

You know that I’m a Porn fanatic just like I’m a Comics fanatic. When my Comic Con friend Gregg told me that he was going to go out to San Fransisco in September to attend the Fulsom Street fair I got pretty excited...

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Contest Story Submission – GCG Splack – Up by Darkstar72

GCG Splack-Up

By Darkstar72

“Dammit” mutters Paul, the Gay Comic Geek as he leaps toward the cries of help. “I paid a lot of money to go to that comic convention”, he thinks. “If I don’t get in, I’ll be pissed.” He lands in an alley with a ‘thud’ and looks around. The screaming is getting louder. As Paul speeds toward the noise, two men slam into him and they all hit the ground. The two men look at Paul, freaked out. “You gotta help us, dude” they scream. “We weren’t gonna hurt them”...

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