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Winter Con 2015 – It was Fun and took lots of pics! (Some were slightly bondage pics too)


Been out of it for the past couple of days and it was a fun ‘out of it’ kind of way. I was with my buddies Danny Lantern, Tony Ray, Caryn Rafi (female Flash), Brendan (Jason Todd), Rob (Riddler), and Eli (amazing photographer and glitter beard enthusiast).

Flash and Fire

We had an interesting small photoshoot outside of our hotel room in a small construction site. It was pretty cool. We were in full uniform and being very stupid as well. You can’t get any happier than that...

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Dragon Con – The Vlog – Here’s What Happened!

Dragon Con 2015 Part 2 (2).Movie_Snapshot

So much happened over such a short weekend. Here’s a compilation of the videos that I took over the weekend. I had a lot of fun. I will be uploading one more short good bye video and then my obligatory montage that I do every year. I have to decide on a song first though. Anyone have a good suggestion?

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Dragon Con 2015 – Part 1 – The Journey

Dragon Con 2015 Intro (2).Movie_Snapshot

Dragon Con is not about Dragons. Some people make that mistake. It’s about the fans themselves. Whether you’re a costumer, or you’re there for celebrities, or maybe the panels. Everyone goes for a reason. Most of my friends are there for costuming reasons and we’re all fairly big into different geekdoms. Here’s our beginning journey to the Superbowl of Costuming Cons.

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Dragon Con 2015 Was Awesome!

Harly 3
I had a badass time and took lots of pics and vids. I’ll be posting them up in the coming days and return back to making vids. I’m just exhausted today. After all the lack of sleep, lack of decent food and then driving home for 11 hours took it’s toll. Here’s all the pics that I took. These aren’t even that great. They’re all just cell phone pics. I have to upgrade this phone soon, if anything, just for better quality. Anyways, enjoy the pics!

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Florida SuperCon 2015

New Movie (14).Movie_Snapshot

I went to Florida SuperCon 2015 this past weekend. It was fun, but because of the heat, the traffic, and the huge as line to get in, I couldn’t stay for too long. I was only able to stay for a day regardless, but still it was a lot of fun. Here’s some pics and vids that I took in the little time that I was there.

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Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2015 – AC BC was Pretty Sweet!

AC BC was a pretty awesome convention! I had tons of fun there with most of my buddies. Here’s some of the pics and vids that I took while I was there.
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Philadelphia Wizard World 2015

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Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (AC BC) 2015- Are You Going?

Are you going to Atlantic Boardwalk Con on May 14-17, 2015? You can meet me at a booth and at several panels if you do go!

Go to the AC/BC site at: and use my code:

GayGeek10 to get a 10% discount.

Source: GayComicGeek – Safe

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MegaCon 2015 – Pictures and Vlog! Thanks to my buddies for paying my way, I had a badass time! I feel like a moocher.

Despite being poor and unemployed, my buddies chipped in and helped pay my way through MegaCon 2015 this year. So, I still had a badass time. I couldn’t buy anything, but luckily, staying in a room with a bunch of other guys (and girl) was a lot of fun.

I had already bought my ticket months ago before I was fired from my job, so that was taken care of. I just had to drive to the actual con, where my buddies let me stay with them. Here’s some of the video and pics that we took over the weekend:

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