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Superboy Kon-El aka Conner Kent Appreciation Post – Lots of Cosplayer Pics

With Superman’s background being altered once again, Conner Kent also known as Kon-El Superboy has been noticeably erased. He will return in time and I am holding out hope that DC Comics has a huge role for him and the other members of Young Justice that are all in limbo at this time. In the meantime, let’s appreciate the looks that Conner Kent has had over the years with the cosplayers below. I am friends with many of these guys or at least have had the pleasure of meeting the vast majority.

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – Arsenio’s Arsenal

Have you met Arsenio? Holy hell, this sexy cosplayer does some fracking badass costumes. He ranges from Spider-Man to Power Rangers and everything in between. I have met him a couple times at various conventions and I’m always amazed at how well his costumes turn out. He totally gets into his characters and makes each of his costumes all his own.

What’s great is that Arsenio also makes both the superhero costumes and in a lot of cases, their alter egos...

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Scarlet Spider 2017 Costume…Ben Reilly Stole it!

I kinda like the new Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider costume. Even though he won’t have it long. Reportedly at least. He’s suppose to go back to his classic costume at the end of the first story arc. It’s fine, maybe I’ll be able to get this one back then.

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Green Lantern PhotoShoot 2016


I took some pics over the summer on a very hot sweaty day and the pictures unfortunately were mostly lost. But there were a few that have surfaced. Here’s what I have gathered so far. I was the only Orange Lantern that day and I only wore that costume that one time.

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Sexy Male Spider-Man Appreciation Post (Some Pics NSFW)


I have always had a thing for Spider-Man. Besides being super cute and geek, he also seemed as though his costume was ripped more than any other hero in the history of comic books. You would have thought that Reed Richards would give him a costume made from unstable molecules much earlier. But that ripping of his costume did something to me as a kid that I never really wanted to talk about with others. At the time...

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Superman Cosplay Appreciation – Lots of Costuming Pics (Some NSFW)


By sheer coincidence, I’m talking about a lot of Superman stuff today. I’m doing a a not-Barbie doll toy review on Batman v. Superman figure later, a gay porn review from ColbyKnox (see some of the pics of that scene below too), and a possible future costume. I have never done a Superman costume myself, but I have worn friend’s costumes briefly for a picture or two. So anyways, let’s look at some really hot guys in Superman costume...

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Halloween – Post – POST – Update (LAST ONE, I Promise!)


So many of you guys sent pics to me after my last Halloween update that I figured I’d show one last post with all of your costumes. This will be the last Halloween update for the year, but there will always be a time when I ask for pics regarding something. I’m always appreciative of bulge pictures or superhero costume pics or maybe male ginger pics. I want to thank all of you for your support and say that you’re all incredible!
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Post-Halloween Costume Update – How Was Your Night? (NSFW)


Halloween 2016 has come and gone, how did you spend it? I got a lot of requests to show their costumes on my Halloween post. I think I included everyone that has submitted or emailed me their pictures. I spent the weekend at a friend’s place where he threw a great party. I was slightly sick, but still managed to have a good time. Here’s some pics of some of you guys in costume before, during and after Halloween. Did I miss anyone? Pic above provided by Mykul Jay Valentine.

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Halloween Slutty Costumes! (For Men) Do You Have One? Lots of Pics (NSFW)


Are you wearing a slutty Halloween costume this year? My buddy Derek put up a post where he was looking through some gender swapped Halloween costumes and all of the pics on that post were of sexy women. So I figured, lets see some sexy men in Halloween costumes. Not all of these are naked pics and I always encourage any interpretation of a costume to be made. Here’s a few of them. By the way, most of these pictures are online friends of mine and I gotta say, you guys rock these costumes!



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Hot Male Cosplayers of New York Comic Con 2016


There were tons of super hella hot guys at New York Comic Con this past week. The women were obviously getting the most attention, but the guys still got some luvin’ here and there though. A couple of them caught my eye. Here’s a few of them.

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