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Hot male superhero costumers- Here’s the next batch that I’ve found or has been sent to me

Male costumers never get the spotlight like the females do. But there are some super fantastic costumers out there, and many are really fracking hot!

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Last New costumes of the year (except for Ghostboy) – Teen Loki

I’ve kinda worked on this costume in secret and not really put in all the effort I could have with this costume. He’s teen Loki from the Young Avenger series and his own new series. I literally did this one in the last 2 weeks just based on my friend Andrew’s request. He wanted to have a Young Avenger team up at New York Comic Con and I put this together in the matter of a week...

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Superhero Costume Hotties Monday!

Here’s a couple pics I’ve seen throughout the weekend that I thought I’d share. These guys are all hotties in my humble opinion and definitely deserve props!

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I love Robin, he’s my first Superhero love. Here’s a couple reasons why:

These guys are super hot! Even though some of them are fake and totally photoshopped and a couple are pieces of art, I totally dig their costumes and their portrayal of Robin

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New Costume – Shatterstar (my first bi-sexual superhero) is almost done!

Here’s a reference to Shatterstar for your reference in case you don’t know who I’m talking about. I’m doing his costume from the 90’s. I’m not too much of a fan of his modern version.

I’ve been working on this Shatterstar costume for a couple weeks. He’s the first bi-sexual character I’ve ever done and I think I’m almost done. Here’s some of the progress pics I’ve taken. I like how his face mask came out.

What do you guys think?

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Nate Grey Costume – First New Costume of the Con Season – Not Done Yet, but close

Still got a bit to go and I haven’t even started on the shirt yet, but I’m getting there with the first costume I want to get done by this Summer. Nate Grey- aka X-Man, is someone I’ve wanted to costume as for years. I don’t know why I took so long to start this. Jacket isn’t done yet and the belt still has to be done too. So, I have a bit to go, but he’ll be done soon. Then I can work on costume #2. I wonder who that is? Hmmmmm… haha…

image (1)

photo (7)


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Ghostbusters Costume – So this happened…I love Ghostbusters!

I love Ghostbusters. Anyone else think that scene where Dan Aykroyd was molested by a ghost in his dream was hot? I think it should have been a male ghost, but whatever! I do love the series, the old toon, the current comic series and I really want a Ghostbusters 3 to come out.

Ghostbusters GayComicGeek Gay Comic Geek Costume

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Here’s a few hot costumers. The 1st guy has 3 pics, but that’s cause I met him at a con and he’s really cute!

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Bent Con fucking rocked! Here’s a pic that took place (it’s been photoshopped, so it’s not completely real)

So yeah this is a real pic, however my junk has been engorged by Photoshop. So it’s not completely real. But still, you get the idea! I took my camera so a vid is coming up soon! Stay tuned! Oh yeah, if you took pics at the con, please let me know or send me some that you may want to share. I’d love to post them up here.

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Some Iceman and Speedy Pics of me just recently found

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