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Mark of Aeacus – Book 2 – Class Comics Gay Book Review

Just reviewed book 2 of the Mark of Aeacus from I am so behind on Class Comic Titles, I need to do a lot more in the coming weeks.

Zan Christensan from Prism Comics wrote this book, while Mark Brill illustrated it.

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Mark of Aeacus – Book 1 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review

Who doesn’t love They make so many hot sexy gay comic books. Here is their first book- Mark of Aeacus

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A Gay Out Mormon Superhero? – Stripling Warrior!

Brian Anderson, who’s done comic books – So Super Duper and Reignbow and Deeva is making a comic book based on Sam Shepard, a happily married gay Mormon boy.


It’s going to be interesting in seeing the connection with Sam and heaven as he appears to get his powers from Heaven itself.


The series looks like it can hot, sexy, and full of all kinds of superhero shenanigans! I’m actually really excited to read this and review it!


Check out Brian Anderson’s Kickstarter Campaign for this project!

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Rapture #5- Class Comics Review – Patrick Fillion is awesome!

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Lost Fantasy Hero – Gay Comic Book Review from IceMan Blue is a badass artist! He’s done drawn all kinds of characters and some of the stories that he’s done are some of the most unique comics ever. Check out my review on his work, Lost Fantasy Hero.

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Here’s some of his other work that’s also pretty amazing:


Camili-Cat - MOUNTED - Page 01 - Lettered

camsenior (1)





lost fantasy


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Zahn #3 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review

Check out my comic book review on Zahn #3, which is by Class Comics. It was drawn by the badass Patrick Fillion

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New Class Comics (Gay Porn Comic Book) Review – Lawsuit and T-Boy!

This book was done by Jacob Mott and Class Comics. I have to give them some more lovin’ cause they fracking rock!

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Poseidon T- Gay Comic Book Sci-Fi Review from Bruno Gmuender

I just reviewed publisher, Bruno Gmuender’s – Poseidon T. It was pretty good. Totally not what I was expecting at all!

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Comic Book Day! Last issue of Superior Spider-Man and a new female Transformer

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Comic Load – 4/9/2014 Nightcrawler #1, Walking Dead 124 and others

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