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Do Me For The Likes – UNCUT Raging Stallion Movie Review – Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)

Have you ever had a friendly rivalry with a friend or coworker? Has this battle turned into getting more followers based on social media platforms that directly relate to who can fuck the most people? This is the premise of Raging Stallion movie – Do Me For The Likes – Directed by Steve Cruz. This movie stars Riley Mitchel who is in direct competition with co-star Drake Masters. Check out my thoughts on this movie and let me know what you think!

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Otter Erotic – Raging Stallion UNCUT XXX Gay Movie Review (NSFW)

From the makers of Furgasm and the badass director, Steve Cruz, Raging Stallion brings us Otter Erotic. Five splacking hot scenes with 7 incredibly hairy sexy men in some sleazy situations that include a night club, a sex shot and a private peep show. Check out my thoughts on this movie and let me know what you thought of it.

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Otter Erotic – Raging Stallio...

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Holiday Humpday – UNCUT Thanksgiving Day Scene Review (NSFW)

Have you seen American Pie? Remember when the guy fucked the pie itself? Imagine that on Thanksgiving but with super hottie Theo Ross doing that instead. Now imagine his boyfriend, Kit Cohen coming in and being fucked afterwards. This is the premise for’s – Holiday Humpday scene. Check out my thoughts on this scene in the attached video review.

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Breaking Mr. Hart – NakedSword UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review

Have you ever wanted to get even with your boss? Director DP Welles from Naked Sword video has this exact same idea with his movie – Breaking Mr Hart. Three employees are tired of taking Mr. Hart’s sexist, cruel work and decide to teach him a lesson in humility take back their power. This movie stars Dean Phoenix as Mr. Hart along with Max Adonis, Remy Cruze, Damon Heart, Pierce Paris, Remy Cruze, and Woody Fox...

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FleaPit – CockyBoys UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Bruce LaBruce (NSFW)

Consider FleaPit as an anthology movie with different scenes depicting vastly scenarios that goes against the normal rules of many other gay XXX movies out there. Bruce LaBruce has created a movie that has scenes depicting Angels vs Demons and going to alternate realities where the heterosexual population is the minority. Check out my thoughts on this CockyBoys movie in the attached video.

After you watch the review, check out the full movie over at:

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The Super – Raging Stallion UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review – Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)

Have you have had a pervy Super Intendant spy on you in your home? Obviously in our universe, that is something you DON’T want to happen. In the world of porn, it is a completely different matter. This Raging Stallion movie stars Riley Mitchel as a spying horny building manager that has 7 other smoking hot tenants that get it on in 6 different scenes. Directed by Steve Cruz, holy fuck, this was hot!

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The Super – Raging Stallion UNCUT Gay XXX Movie R...

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Mindf****** vs Superman – ManUpFilm UNCUT Gay XXX Scene Review – Superhero Parody (NSFW)

ManUpFilms is a subsite from PervOut that is owned by the badass and sexy as fuck – Lance Hart. He loves to do Superhero porn parodies. Although he lacks finances to make big scenes, he makes up for that by going all out in his and his co-stars performances. This scene has him playing Superman and fighting against D Arclyte as Mindfucker. Poor Superman, he gets so humiliated in this scene. It’s fucking hot as hell!

To see this scene, head over to:

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Mens Room: Bakersfield Station – TitanMen Gay XXX Classic Movie Review (NSFW)

Back in 2004, Joe Gage made this TitanMen classic starring Danny Vox, who is returning to his home town. However the bus station is not quite how he remembers it as there are tons of guys all looking to get off as they make their travels. Danny finds out that he’s in for a ride as he blows his load several times with a cast of 12 other performers in this raunchy flick. Check out my thoughts on this jizz worthy movie, but be ready, it will probably make you horny as fuck!

To see this movie in it...

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The Challenge – Bisexual XXX UNCUT Scene Review From Men .Com (NSFW)

What?! There’s a bisexual scene that came from the site This is not the first time that website has shown bisexual scenes, but this is the first time we get to see a guy complete his scene with a woman. In this case Arad Winwin is splacking both Daxx Carter and Silvia Saige in this one off scene. It was definitely not the most memorable of scenes, but the performers Silvia and Daxx did a great job. I am curious if this is completely a turn off for you or not. Would you see it?

To see ...

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Sexual HIS Assment – Fetish Force UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW)

The average person does not want to be harassed by their supervisor, unless you live in the world of porn. Over at Raging Stallion/Fisting Central/Fetish Force, this premise is taking it to the next step with Director Tom Moore’s movie – Sexual His Assment! This movie contains 2 sequences of events with each of those being split into two with 4 scenes total. Check out my thoughts on this splacktacular sexy movie!

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Sexual HIS Assment – Ra...

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