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GayGeekyVlogs – It’s just my boring life


These are videos and posts on my life in general. Nothing really special. I don’t do much except go to work, eat lots of junk food and go to the occasional convention. Enjoy!

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My First Leather Harness!

Leather Harness.Movie_Snapshot

I now have a leather harness. Thank you Master Matty! I will be forever indebted to you. And everyone else, Nik, Guy B, Larry, and Guy H. and mystery man, you guys are so awesome. Thank you everyone that has sent me stuff to my PO Box. I love all you guys, and you really make me feel like I’m important.

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GayGeekyVlog – Hercules and his Bisexuality in Marvel Comics…I did a video talking about…

Hercules is not Bisexual (3).Movie_Snapshot

Yeah I couldn’t let this go. I did blogged about topic earlier, but I’ve had a couple people request to do a video on the topic. If you are not aware of this, Hercules is very much a bisexual character. Not just in the comics, but in history. Marvel Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso has stated that despite his past, the Greek god is only after women from this point onward...

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PO Box Pickups- Porn, Toys, and Comic Books, you guys are the BEST!

I just went to my PO Box today and damn. I wasn’t expecting all of these items. The porn I knew about, the rest is completely new. You guys rock!

If you’re every wondering, my PO Box is:

Paul Charles
PO Box 144261
Coral Gables, FL 33114

Also, check out my Patreon site for things that I don’t even post on this site:

Have you subscribed to my GeekyVlogs YouTube Page:

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AC BC 2015 – After Dark (Drunken Shenanigans)

Source: GayComicGeek – Safe

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Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2015 – AC BC was Pretty Sweet!

AC BC was a pretty awesome convention! I had tons of fun there with most of my buddies. Here’s some of the pics and vids that I took while I was there.
My Patreon Page:

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Big Black Dildos!

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White TigerZord, Gift Cards and Porn?! Damn, being a gay geek rocks!

Zknik​, Matthew​, and Michael – THANK YOU SO MUCH! Whitetiger Zord, porn and gift cards? What more can a gay geek want?!

Check out my Patreon site at:

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MegaCon 2015 – Pictures and Vlog! Thanks to my buddies for paying my way, I had a badass time! I feel like a moocher.

Despite being poor and unemployed, my buddies chipped in and helped pay my way through MegaCon 2015 this year. So, I still had a badass time. I couldn’t buy anything, but luckily, staying in a room with a bunch of other guys (and girl) was a lot of fun.

I had already bought my ticket months ago before I was fired from my job, so that was taken care of. I just had to drive to the actual con, where my buddies let me stay with them. Here’s some of the video and pics that we took over the weekend:

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MegaCon 2015 – Most Epic Montage of Cosplayers (My friends) EVER!

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So I’m Unemployed now…so what do I do now?

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