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Inhumans Trailer – I’m Still Not Sold On It – Are You Liking It?

I saw the recently released Inhumans trailer and I’m still not completely sold on it. I’ll give it shot but I just feel neutral on it. Like I slightly want to see it but also I’m not sure if I want to invest in it...

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Astonishing X-Men #1, Thor #21, Clue #2, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #17 and more – Comic Load – 7/19/2017

It’s comic book day! What’s your load look like?

The Mighty Thor #21 – The War Thor makes his presence known. Damn he’s a badass!
X-Men Gold #8 – New York has been locked in a dark dimension bubble and there’s a Mutant serial killer on the loose i...

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Exodus #1 – Euribatos the Tenebrous – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Set on the world of Nexus and its surrounding moons, Exodus is the story of gods, monsters and humans. Euribatos is a warrior for King Dargos. He is also a badass fighter...

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Superman Family vs. The Anti-Superman Family, Darth Vader Gets His Ass Kicked and More – Comic Book Day 7/12/2017

It’s comic book day! A couple good ones made the list this week.

In Action Comics #983 – A blind Superman gets help from all the other S-Shield wearing good guys. Their opponents – Zod and S-Shield wearing bad guys. And Metallo and Blanque.
Darth ...

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Clue #1, Jem and the Holograms Infinite #1, Ghostbusters 101 #4 – And More Comic Load 6/28/2017

It’s comic book day! Lots of great issues came out this week. I particularly liked Clue #1 and Jem & the Holograms Infinite #1. What was your comic book load this week?

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Iceman #2 – Gay Marvel Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Bobby Drake aka Iceman has come out as being a gay Omega Level Mutant. His friends and teammates know. But he has dated women in the past and none of them have been personally spoken to. Until this issue...

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Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1, Power Rangers #16, Superman #25 & More – Comic Load 6/21/2017

It’s comic book day!
X-Men Gold #6 – A New Sentinel destroys New York, but Rachel Grey is hiding her true potential.
Thor #20 – A NEW Thor makes his debut. And wow!!!
Superman #25 – Manchester Black is a douche. But that is nothing new.
Nightwing ...

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Superman Gets Beat Down! Reverse Flash is his Usual Jerk Self & Thanos goes After his Boy – Comic Book Day! 6/14/2017

It’s comic book day!
Action Comics #981 – Superman vs. the Eradicator/Cyborg Superman/Zod. It did not end well.
Star Wars #32 – Luke and Han are both brainwashed by the vampire queen. It is up to Leia and Sana Starros to save the day.
Flash #24 – ...

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The Pride #1 – Gay Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

The Pride #1 – This entails Fabman gathering together a host of LGBT superheroes in his universe to form their own team. This first issue is great as it gives purpose for the team and introduces a several new heroes to an otherwise new universe.


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Iceman #1 – Gay Marvel Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Since Bobby Drake aka Iceman came out as being gay, there has been a lot of controversy over this decision in Marvel Comics...

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