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Addams Family Animated Movie is Set for October 11, 2019

I had no idea that an animated movie was even being made. Oscar Isaac, better known to some as Poe Damaron is set to play Gomez while Charlize Theron is going to voice Morticia. I must say, both of these actors could play the real Morticia and Gomez if a live action version was ever made. Chloë Grace Moretz and Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) will be the voices of Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. Nick Kroll will be Uncle Fester and wow, Bette Midler will be Grandmama...

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New Wonder Woman 2 Pictures Emerge! (Surprise, Chris Pine Returns…We Already Knew That)

Princess Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman returns in November, 2019 in Wonder Woman 1984. Set in the year 1984, they are going full on 80’s looks. However I have to say, I love Wonder Woman’s costume has not changed much with the exception of not having the leather harness and sword. Perhaps her costume is slightly brighter, but this could just be a promo picture that will be altered in post production. Regardless, I am loving it and I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman take on Cheetah in her sequel...

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Aquaman Pictures From Entertainment Weekly – Black Manta!

Over at Entertainment Weekly, we get our first look at the upcoming Aquaman stand alone movie. We don’t get to see Black Manta fully costumed up, but we do get a glimpse. He unfortunately will not be the primary villain of the movie, as Aquaman’s brother Ocean Master has that honor, but still I’m happy to see him be a part of this.

Check out the pics that Entertainment Weekly posted and check out their short article over at:

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Gay Comic Book Character – Iceman – New Comic Book Series in September

Hell’s yes!!! I absolutely loved writer Sina Grace’s take on Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, in his Marvel ongoing series. It is rare for a gay character to lead his own comic book in a mainstream comic company and even more rare for a gay writer to helm the series. There are many people that were upset at such an established character coming out as being gay, even though there are many that spend their entire lives in the closet...

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Pride Month Artist Spotlight – Joe Phillips

I have posted in the past about Joe Phillips, but he deserves repostings. His work is off the charts in terms of how phenomenal his skills are as an artist. This is not to mention that he exemplifies his work in modes of realism that represent subjects that are based on friends and those individuals that he has met in his life. I have been lucky to meet him several times are varying conventions and am proud to call him a friend...

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Shirtless Bear-Fight Vinyl Figure Coming – Who Says Straight Geeky Guys Don’t Appreciate Sexy Men?

Remember Image Comics’ Shirtless Bear-Fighter comic book? This was suppose to a funny comic book but was also an unintentionally sexy ass ‘bear fighter’ that many gay men read as well. The character was literally raised and fought bears since his childhood. He is getting the vinyl toy treatment from Skelton Crew Studio. The comic itself was written by Jody LeHeup, Sebastian Girner and Nil Vendrel.

If you are interested in the clothed sexy assed figure or the unfortunately naked ‘pixelated’ v...

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The Art and Products of Rage Gear Studios

Have you seen the artwork of Rage Gear Studios? There are a couple artists on this site that offers their work on a few different apparels. One the artists happens to be Rey Arzeno, who you may know as the designer of one of the first GayComicGeek costumes. Rey is an awesome guy and his work is spectacular! A mix of badass-ery with lots of sex appeal. Below is a couple pieces of the site’s art and apparel for sale.

When you get a chance, check out their website:

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Same Glamour. Glitter. Fashion and Fame. But now, there’s more to the story! In an alternate live action universe, set right before the final episode, Jem and the Holograms face enemies both old and new as they uncover secrets from their past and what that may mean for their future. Jem, Kimber, Aja, Shana and Raya will discover what makes a person, Truly Outrageous!

The following is produced by Chickbait based on characters from Jem! By Hasbro © 1985...

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Jamie Foxx has Been Cast as Al Simmons aka SPAWN!

Jamie Foxx has officially been cast as Al Simmons, also known as Spawn from Image Comics. This is great casting in my opinion. Foxx is a spectacular performer and can do the demonic anti-hero justice. This is not the first attempt at a Spawn movie, as the 90s gave it their best attempt with horrible CGI work. Today, with a good story, it could be much different...

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Sexy Male Superhero Spandex Appreciation Post (NSFW-ish)

I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. So what makes me smile more? Doing porn reviews and looking at sexy guys in spandex-y cosplay costumes. So here’s some super badass studs in spandex. I’ll also be reviewing a couple different porn movies that have come out recently that I have neglected. Stay tuned!

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