I have not seen many fan made films done to this quality. This was made by French director and writer Michael Paris. Holy hell, I want to see the version of this. It is approximately 8 mins long and was such a great watch.

A film by Michael Paris.
with Johanna Genet, Tom Maurice, Gregory Paris & J3.0 (voice)
music by James BKS Edjouma

more info: http://therecall-movie.com
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/therecall.movie

SPAWN : THE RECALL is the story of a former witch and her son, who try to live a normal life away from the darkness.
While they’re shopping in a supermarket, the child suddenly disappears.
She starts looking for him, freaked out knowing evil forces are still lurking.
A security guard comes to her help but while they are checking on the surveillance cameras, something happens.
She can sense it, they are here…


Many of you know that I’m a huge Tim Drake fan. In fact he is my definitive favorite superhero of all time. Not just favorite sidekick, but actual superhero. He was taken away by the mysterious (but recently revealed) Mr. Oz. The reasons why Tim was taken and imprisoned have remained a huge mystery in DC Comics. The only real clue is that Tim was connecting threads that shouldn’t be connected.


What the hell does that mean? I have no idea. Lots of theories have been posted on many forums. As to which are legit and which are totally far reaching? Who knows? But we will be finding out the answer or at least some reasoning behind everything in the coming weeks.


Detective Comics #965, titled: A Lonely Place of Living, hits stands on 9/27/2017. This is playing on Tim’s first storyline back in 1990 during Batman #441 called A Lonely Place of Dying. So it is fitting. The storyline looks to contain more than just one Tim Drake in it as different versions of him have been plucked from the timestream. Still though, no one is really close to figuring out why as of yet.


I am super stoked about this, obviously. Tim has been in limbo for a year and it’s been tough reading about everyone else go through their Rebirth and have him set to the side. I am very hopeful that he will also lead a new team that could possibly bring back many other characters like the REAL Superboy, Wonder Girl and Impulse. Young Justice Season 3 is being animated, so it is a very strong possibility. Anyways, here’s some Tim Drake images below. Just because.

Have you seen this?! Holy fracking hell! These two pieces were made by Herrilos. These are the type of situations my GayComicGeek character seems to get into. A lot. This artist is badass! I’m so happy that he did it. I hope he makes more later down the line.

Also, little known fact, the aura and after effect of the GayComicGeek’s superhuman abilities actually amplifies men’s metabolism and sex drive. It’s involuntary. So whenever the GayComicGeek uses his powers, all men around him are affected by it without him actually using it on them directly. It’s why his villains, gay/straight/bi/pan/asexual, all want to splack him. Constantly.

Check out Herrilos’ site over at: Herrilos.Tumblr.com

I saw it last night and fracking hell. It was great and it literally made me so creeped out. This is a great movie. I’ve heard almost universally positive reviews with a few exceptions. Some thought it was ‘Meh’ and others said that it was predictable. But it’s a book. I kinda figured it’d be predictable in some aspects. I personally loved it and I may see it again. Did you see it?

What would be a good name for an archenemy for the GayComicCorps? The nemesis is gay himself and has more like an Xavier vs. Magneto relationship to the Corp. This is not an Anti-Gay man and he is not a self hating closeted character at all. Both sides want equality for the LGBT community. But both sides use different means to achieve this goal. What do you think would be a good name?

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Whoa, this is a badass issue! Bobby has finally came out to his parents but also has to deal with Juggernaut wreaking havoc. This is a great issue in this ongoing series and I have to say that I am loving Bobby Drake’s story. Sina Grace is the writer and Alessandro Vitti is the artist for this issue.

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I want to introduce you to my good friend Jay Foxworthy. Jay, along with his husband Bryan and two kids Daniel and Selena are the Leffews of the Gay Family Values YouTube channel. Jay’s family and I have been friends and collab mates as a part of YouTube’s community of gay voices. As a GFV viewer, and as a friend, I know that Jay cares about equality and protecting those who do not have a voice. It is Jay’s heart, conviction, and willingness to be an open book that is one of the many reasons I kept watching.

That’s why I am excited that Jay is running for Sheriff in Sonoma County California. If elected, Jay would be the first out gay man to serve as Sheriff anywhere in the United States! Jay has a personal sense of obligation to make changes where and when he can. He has mentored many LGBTQI young people all over the world and fought for marriage equality. I know that Jay, if elected Sheriff, will bring the same heart and courage to his office that he has brought to Gay Family Values all these years. Let’s help Jay become the first openly gay male Sheriff in America by donating to his campaign.

Jay Foxworhty’s webpage: www.FoxWorthyForSheriff.com
Jay Foxworthy’s donation page: www.Secure.Anedot.com/FoxWorthy_Donate/Donate
GayFamilyValue’s YouTube Page: www.YouTube.com/Depfox

Many people know the Bumblebee car robot in the Transformers universe. Many others know that Bumblebee is a character in DC Comics…and she was was around before Hasbro created their famous yellow Volkswagen bug car (although he hasn’t been that version in long ass time). Toy naming rights and trademarks are a thing and media rights and everything else, all seem to be quite different from each other. Hasbro is suing DC over the toy name of Bumblebee to exist, because…pettiness? Afraid people will suddenly be confused? More money? Granted, Hasbro is making a spin off live action Bumblebee movie. So I am sure they have tons of Bumblebee toys set to be made.

Variety is reporting that the trademark-infringement lawsuit was made on Monday, by Hasbro against DC Comics. Or more appropriately, Warner Bros, over the name “Bumblebee” on toys. Granted, there are not a lot of DC Bumblebee toys out there, but damn. I am curious how this will turn out.

Shut the front door! Misty gets her iconic bionic arm in the recently released pic of Luke Cage season 2. No details, but I do hope that the arm is given to her from Stark Industries. I know there’s really no connection between the characters of the cinematic universe with the Netflix series, except that they just exist in the same New York, but it could happen. Luke Cage season 2 has been set for release sometime in 2018. What do you think of her arm?

Anyone watching the season finale of Game of Thrones? It feels like it just started. I stayed away from message boards and from posts that had read the scripts, so I’m almost completely spoiler free on how it’ll end tonight. Anyways though, the one character that loved from this season was Tom Hopper’s- Dickon Tarley character. He was on it nearly enough, but the little we did see of him. Damn. I know him better from the Merlin TV show and Black Sails. He’s just all around hot! He’s some nice pics of him.