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Deadpool 2 Final Trailer – Shatterstar Baby!

Have you seen the Deadpool 2 final trailer? We only see see actor Lewis Tan in the role of the Bisexual & Polyamorous Shatterstar for a few seconds, but it was worth it. Granted, the red wig is odd to see in real life, but lots of comic book drawn characteristics never translate well for the cinematic universe. I cosplayed as Shatterstar once at a convention, however I used a more orang-ish wig for Shatterstar’s look. Tan’s version is much more red. I can’t wait to see this movie...

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Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom – Final Trailer Released!

Do not watch this trailer if you do not want to know the story, as this trailer gives away a lot of information. I still want to see it regardless of me knowing major story elements. It has my boy Chris Pratt. I have no choice but to see it. What do you think?

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Masters of the Universe vs. the DC Injustice Universe in a New Mini Comic Series in July 2018

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are going to be fighting up against or teaming up in some instances, with the the DC Injustice Universe. I do not know if this is a good or bad thing, but I will take anything with He-Man at this point. The Masters of the Universe…Universe…has been in limbo for a bit and should have an ongoing comic book series. For reasons, they just have been shelved.

Tim Seeley will be the writer for this series. He will be teaming up with artist Freddie E...

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Keiynan Lonsdale (Kid Flash) – Kiss The Boy Music Video

I have yet to see the movie Love, Simon but one its stars Keiynan Lonsdale, which I associate him more for being Kid Flash, released this music video entitled Kiss the Boy. Lots of people from around the world submitted videos to be the focus of the video and it is so incredibly sweet that it made me start to cry. This is quite beautiful. Check it out when you get a chance. Also, if you are not aware of this, Keiynan identifies as bisexual.

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Death of Superman Animated – First Look – It’s in the MotherFracking New 52 Animated Universe

The first look at the animated Death of Superman two parter from WB has been shown. It will not be faithful to the comic book storyline of the same name but instead push their New 52 animated Universe. This is disappointing. The Dark Knight Returns 2-part animated movie was very faithful to the original comic book story and I was hoping that this would be the same. It will not...

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John Cena Cast in Duke Nukem Movie – I Approve!

Granted, I have never played Duke Nukem and have only seen videos, but damn, that’s a pretty good casting. Cinema Blend has confirmed Cena for the role. Cena himself is not know for being a spectacular actor, but he is capable of much more. Also, the character of Duke is not exactly an Oscar worthy performance either. So I think he should do well. The movie is being produced by Platinum Dunes and there is no script that has been made as of yet...

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Lewis Tan Will Be Playing Bisexual Character Shatterstar in Deadpool – Fuck Yes!

Oh hell’s yes! Shatterstar has been confirmed to be played by Iron Fist actor Lewis Tan in Deadpool 2. This is awesome news! I’ve been a huge fan of Tan since I saw him on Iron Fist. He was by far my favorite character that appeared in that series. Plus he’s super hella-hot! I know it may be too much to see much of Shatterstar’s bisexuality in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie, but I can still hope...

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The Toys That Made Us – Renewed for a 2nd Season – Sweet!

The Toys That Made Us, the documentary series based on children toys, has been renewed for a second season according to Hollywood Report. This does not count the second half of season one that will include four more episodes set to air on Netflix within a couple months. If you have not watched this series yet, check it out. They’re great and so informative. The first four episodes are based on Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Barbie and GI Joe...

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Archer: Danger Island (Season 9) – Starts April 25! Hell’s Yeah!

Archer Season 9, which is only 8 episodes, officially starts on FXX on April 25, 2018. The series has been a hit or miss for many fans of the series. They moved away from their original premise of being a spy agency to being drug sellers, then working for the CIA, then becoming a private investigation agency and last season all took place within Sterling Archer’s subconscious as he lays in a coma.

This upcoming season is described as: In the middle of this, seaplane pilot and semi-functioning a...

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Deadpool 2 Trailer – Yes, ANOTHER One – I’m Wet Watching This!

FUCK YES! I’ve watched this three times. I still cannot tell if Shatterstar is in there or not, but I am hoping yes. This looks so badass. I know I’m joining the hype train, but I love Deadpool. I didn’t at first and people who cosplay as him are everywhere, but I love him. This trailer totally got me excited. What did you think?

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