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New Young Justice Season 3 Footage from San Diego Comic Con 2018!

Oh hell’s the to the fracking yes! I cannot express my excitement over how much I am looking forward to this upcoming season. It is the single reason I am subscribing to the new DC Universe streaming service that this will be a part of when released. The first half of the video is a recap of season 2, but the second half is new footage. Check out the clip from below and let me know what you think!

Can I just say that I really am hoping that Blue Beetle and Impulse/Kid Flash (Bart Alle...

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Live Action Titans Trailer was released and DC Universe New Streaming Service

Fuck Batman! Holy cursing and very bloody Dick Grayson Batman! The upcoming Titans series has released its first trailer and damn is it dark. I am not saying that it is bad but at first glance, this seems much more like a dark Watchmen universe show. It has a lot of potential and I will most definitely be watching it. The only thing that has me pondering is that I really hope that Dick Grayson is not a killing vigilante in this universe. I don’t mind the cursing, in fact I think that’s awesome...

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MARVEL RISING: INITIATION – Official Trailer! | The Next Generation of Marvel Heroes

What?! There’s a new Disney XD animated series of shorts with Squirrel Girl, Patriot (where the hell has he been in the comics), Spider-Gwen (Ghost-Spider, because she can’t go by her real name), Ms. Marvel and Quake (I don’t know much about her)?! Hell’s yeah! These shorts are set to premiere on Disney XD on August 13, 2018...

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Batwoman – May Have Her Own TV Show Within The Arrowverse

Holy Batsticks! According to Variety, one of DC Comics highest profile LGBT characters in the DC Universe may get her own TV show after her debut within the Arrowverse next fall. Caroline Dries is the writer for the project and has been credited with The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, and Smallville. In the comic book world, Batwoman’s alter ego, Kate Kane is a lesbian who has been in a relationships with Renee Montoya and Maggie Sawyer. She also is the cousin to Bruce Wayne...

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She-Ra Netflix Character Design So Far – What Do You Think?

This image (below) was posted by Rae Geiger, a character designer on the Netflix She-Ra series. I know a lot fans are on the fence about the new look while many love and many others hate this design. Personally, I will wait until I see the series. I think this is a huge departure from the original series in both premise and visualization however change is not always a bad thing. What do you think of this so far?

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UltraMan Anime – Coming to Netflix in 2019

Anime Expo revealed a few new animations coming to Netflix in the near future. Besides getting a second season to Castlevania, we’re also getting UltraMan! Who is UltraMan? He is a superhero that fights Kaiju monsters with an array of special abilities that include size enhancements to grow as large as his adversary if necessary and he is heroic (usually). He technically never fought or teamed up with Godzilla, but there are very similar versions of both that have fought and teamed up...

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San Diego Comic Con 2018 – (Pride) Laughing Prince Adam – Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusive!

There will be a pink vest, rainbow boxed version of Prince Adam from the Masters of the Universe Classics line available during San Diego Comic Comic Con 2018 made by Super7. This will be at the shop – Hordak’s Lair on July 18-19. This makes me so happy. Some other haters are not so much enthused but hardcore Masters of the Universe fans are just as ecstatic as I am. Although getting him will not be so easy to obtain.

Although this figure is titled ‘Laughing Prince Adam,’ from the cartoon and ...

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Addams Family Animated Movie is Set for October 11, 2019

I had no idea that an animated movie was even being made. Oscar Isaac, better known to some as Poe Damaron is set to play Gomez while Charlize Theron is going to voice Morticia. I must say, both of these actors could play the real Morticia and Gomez if a live action version was ever made. Chloë Grace Moretz and Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) will be the voices of Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. Nick Kroll will be Uncle Fester and wow, Bette Midler will be Grandmama...

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New Wonder Woman 2 Pictures Emerge! (Surprise, Chris Pine Returns…We Already Knew That)

Princess Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman returns in November, 2019 in Wonder Woman 1984. Set in the year 1984, they are going full on 80’s looks. However I have to say, I love Wonder Woman’s costume has not changed much with the exception of not having the leather harness and sword. Perhaps her costume is slightly brighter, but this could just be a promo picture that will be altered in post production. Regardless, I am loving it and I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman take on Cheetah in her sequel...

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Aquaman Pictures From Entertainment Weekly – Black Manta!

Over at Entertainment Weekly, we get our first look at the upcoming Aquaman stand alone movie. We don’t get to see Black Manta fully costumed up, but we do get a glimpse. He unfortunately will not be the primary villain of the movie, as Aquaman’s brother Ocean Master has that honor, but still I’m happy to see him be a part of this.

Check out the pics that Entertainment Weekly posted and check out their short article over at:

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