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Let’s Get Real – #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend – What Do You REALLY Think Will Come of this?

Capt and Bucky Rain

I wonder, would anyone be upset if Black Widow was bisexual and had a girlfriend while Bruce Banner was missing? Until #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend came up, the vast majority of audiences who have seen the Captain America movies have assumed that Steve Rogers is a heterosexual male. I am all for the idea of having a gay male superhero being represented on screen in the Marvel Universe. But it is not going to happen with Cap. I hate saying that and I hate to hurt anyone’s dreams...

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Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will Co-Run The DC Movie Universe- Things Can Only Go Up (Hopefully)


Batman v. Superman grossed over $870 million worldwide and could hardly be considered a failure. But many fans were disappointed in the story, the characterizations, and the overall tone that was set in the DC Universe by director Zack Snyder. The darkness was more bleak and gave little thought of hope in this universe, which is a huge contrast from the rivaling Marvel cinematic universe. But there could yet be hope...

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XXX-Men – Gay Porn Parody is being Made by (NSFW) XXX Men

Oh fracking hell, yes! From the makers of Gay of Thrones Gay XXX Parody and the Star Wars Gay XXX Parody and the Batman v. Superman Gay XXX Parody, we bring you the XXX-Men Parody from Who is going to be in it? I have no clue, but I am hoping that we get a Cyclops/Wolverine or Rogue (male)/Gambit scene showdown at some point. This could be based on the X-Men Apocalypse movie is set to hit theaters, or it could go on its own. No details have been shown as of yet...

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OutCon 2016 – An LGBT Comic Con, It Was Fun!


It’s rare that I get to wear my GayComicGeek costume anywhere, so it was refreshing to attend a small local gay con called OutCon in Miami. It was small, but it was still really fun. I met a couple people who knew who I was and met a few people that never heard of me. So I advertised and whored myself out like crazy! Here’s some of the pics that I took while I was there. I need to go to more gay cons out there. I heard that New York has one coming up in a couple months...

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Supergirl is Heading to the CW for Season 2- More Crossovers with Flash and Arrow is Inevitable!


The EW has revealed that Supergirl has been renewed for a second season but she will be heading towards the CW instead remaining on CBS. This is great news in my book! Many fans are on the fence as to whether or not they like this show, but I am in full support of it. Melissa Benoist stars as Supergirl/Kara and I love her performance as the Girl (Woman) of Steel. She brings a very lighted heart tone that counter balances the Man of Steel movies that are out.

Super 2

This is incredible news for fans t...

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The Erotic Superhero Photos of Neil Z Page (NSFW)

Batman Robin

I always love to see male superhero pics. Most photographers focus on female heroes but every now and then we get some sexy male superheroes mixed into the lot. I came across Neil Z Page by accident as one of you guys directed me to his site. Damn, he does great stuff! Only a small portion of his work is superhero related, but still what I have seen is badass.


I’m especially loving his Daredevil. But then again I have a huge thing for Matt Murdock...

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DC Comics Rebirth – Designs Close Up – Wonder Woman’s is Pretty good!

Wonder Woman Redesign

Over at Comic Book Resources, they have a decent detail of some of the new DC Rebirth costumes that will be shown very soon in the DC Universe. Of all the redesigns of these DC characters, I like Wonder Woman’s the best. I’d kinda want to make my own genderbent version of this costume of this. And I never want to do Wonder Woman/Warrior/Man, whatever it would be called. I know her costume has gotten a lot of criticism over the cape and the sword and shield, but I think she looks great...

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Spidey vs. The Winter Soldier Gif – Everyone has Seen it but Why Not Again?

Spidey and Winter 2

I CANNOT wait for this movie! Just one more week. I know we practically know everything that’s going to happen, but I’m still hoping to see some surprising stuff in the upcoming Captain America Civil War movie. Spidey!!!!

Spider Flash and Winter

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I love Stan Lee!

Stan Lee 1

Stan Lee 2

Stan Lee 3

Stan Lee 4

Stan Lee 5

Stan Lee 6

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Nathan Fillion will be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

Captain Hammer

Oh my glob! Over at, they are showing a series of pictues with Nathan Fillion as a very famous “actor” in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie with shots of him in fake movies that was created solely for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it has been realized that Marvel has cast Nathan Fillion, better known as Captain Hammer from Dr...

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