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Fight Club 2 – Issue #1 Review from Dark Horse Comics

Yep, Fight Club is back, in comic book form. It’s also written by the original author of the book too. It is made by Dark Horse comics and I’m loving it so far. Here’s my review for issue #1




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Is DC Comics deliberately Gay Baiting Nightwing – Dick Grayson?

If anyone ever asks, which comic book character is the biggest player? Nine times out of ten, even non-comic book fans will say Dick Grayson. He has had countless girlfriends, lovers, and just random sleeping partners...

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Tom Holland will be our next Peter Parker aka Spider-Man!


So according to the Hollywood Reporter– Tom Holland will be our next Spider-Man. Who is Tom Holland? I have no fracking clue. I actually had to Google him to see his past work. And to my surprise, I know nothing of any of his past films...

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The War Boys – Gay Movie Review


I’m going to review at least one gay movie a week. Some are going to be bad, some are going to be good. The War Boys was a good movie but the ending wasn’t the happiest thing in the world...

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The Initiation #3- Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review


Issue #3 of The Initiation from Class Comics has been released! This isn’t the final issue, it’s the lead in to a new series! Check out my thoughts on it in the my review below. To get this comic, go to

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Geeky Male Underwear – Can we take a minute to Appreciate them?

No surprise to anyone but I love geeky underwear on guys. It just gives me that extra wow factor!

Here’s a couple pics that I’ve found and/or have been sent to me. Enjoy!

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Underwear Gay Sexy Male 19

Underwear Gay Sexy Male

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Kingdom Hearts 3 and we get a New South Park Game?!


I have been patiently waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out for YEARS! Finally we get some headway with some game play being shown at the Electron Entertainment Expo, also known as E3...

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Hot Male Ginger Thursday- That should be a thing

Kinda like how I post up hot cosplayers on Tuesday, I should post my favorite kind of guy- the elusive Ginger. Here’s some pics sent to me and some I’ve collected.

If you have any pics you want to submit, email them to


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Multi-Bot – Masters of the Universe Classics

Here’s my thoughts on MattyCollectors- Multi-Bot figure!

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Gay Slasher Flick – You’re Killing Me- A new one, finally!

It actually looks pretty cheesy, but I’ll still watch it.

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