With the 50/50 reception of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Brothers has moved up the release of the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie to June 2, 2017. It is only a couple of weeks, but it is noticeable. It seems as though you either love BvS or you hated it. Wonder Woman was probably the greatest part of the movie. She is also arguably the third most popular comic book superhero of all time and the most popular female superhero ever. Every one knows Wonder Woman, even the most novice of a geek knows of the famous Amazon. However she has never received a legitimate full screen treatment that her Superman/Batman brothers have gotten numerous times through the years. The biggest argument is that she is a female hero and large entertainment companies have been hesitant to make female superhero movies. Even Marvel has not had their first female solo movie yet. It is still disappointing that Black Widow is only playing second stringer in all the superhero flicks.

Linda Carter

Diana (Prince) has had a successful TV show in the 70s that catapulted its star, Linda Carter, into the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere. She is still thought of to this day as Wonder Woman. It has helped that Carter has aged very gracefully and still looks wonderful. Although she was not the first to be portrayed as Wonder Woman as there was a TV movie made before this that starred Cathy Lee Crosby. But that’s another story altogether.

WW Preview

The plot and many scenes for the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie has already been filmed. But that does not mean that the movie is complete. There is over a year of filming and editing to continue on making it great. So many people know the origin of Batman and Superman as it’s been retold dozens of times, but the average person does not know Wonder Woman’s origin. Although granted, her origin has changed several times depending on the DC Universe. Will she be made from clay and imbued with the powers of the Goddesses of Greek Mythology? Will she be the daughter of Zeus? Something new altogether? Will she have a sister? Will Linda Carter get a cameo role? So many questions.


From the little teasers we have seen, it looks like Diana will be in “Man’s World” for some time. So the movie could be set in several time periods to show that she has been here for quite some time. The hype behind this movie is up there and the stakes are high. If this fails, we might not get another Wonder Woman movie for some time. What would you want in this movie? What do you think needs to be included so that all viewers will be satisfied?

WW 2WW 3


It is official. Trenton Ducati is going to play Batman and Topher DiMaggio is going to be Superman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman Gay XXX Parody from Men.com.

Trenton Ducati is an excellent choice for Batman. I think that he will definitely be a great Bruce Wayne. Topher is also great looking model and a Superman hottie himself too. Both these guys are insanely awesome entertainers and I can’t wait to see them on screen in costume. I was hoping for a versatile actor taking the role of Superman so that a flip flopping action sequence would take place, but nonetheless, I am very excited about this scene and will be reviewing it as soon as I see it. Unfortunately it will be after WonderCon, as I’ll be in California on the day that it comes out.

The above tweet is from Men.com. Trenton and Topher definitely have the looks, so this could be potentially great. What do you think? Is this a good choice or a bad choice?


Bat v Superman

YES! From the makers of the Star Wars XXX Gay Porn Parody and the Gay of Thrones XXX Series, Men.com will be making a Batman v. Superman – A Gay XXX Parody. Who is playing who? I have no fracking clue yet! What do the costumes look like? Again, I have no idea. Is it a muli-part? I hope so, but it could just be a one time scene. As soon anything is released, such as a trailer, I promise that I will be posting immediately!


Some past Men.com scenes have included The Arrow. Which was unfortunately just a one time scene with retired porn performer Liam Magnuson. (pictured above) So much potential came out of that series. We could have had the introduction of Diggle and Red Arrow and maybe Merlyn later down the line. Unfortunately it never happened after this one scene was released. I’ve begged Liam Magnuson online to come back to porn, just for this series.

Gay Of Thrones

The Gay of Throne Gay XXX Parody is an ongoing series that has had eight parts to it up this point. They have been incredibly creative with the costuming, background and the characters being used. Men.com has separated the ‘seasons’ into 4 part scenes. I am patiently waiting for season 3 to start up.

star wars

And let’s not forget that just recently, The Star Wars Gay XXX Parody was also featured on Men.com. Again, the effects, the costumes, and the characters were very spot on. Not to mention that I finally got to see one of my favorite heroes of all cinematic history, Han Solo, finally get together with Luke Skywalker.


The recently ended Apocalypse series was based somewhat on Mad Max, and for the budget that Men.com received, it was done very well. This gives me high hopes for Batman v. Superman. Besides the fact that this is a sci-fi porn, it is also a superhero porn. Even if it is just for one scene, I will definitely take it! There have been superhero porns done in the past but most have been done by other companies. And I am sad to say, are many of them are high quality. I do not want to knock any company in their endeavors. I do give praise for the attempts that have been done in the past. Superheroes have been sorely over looked in the porn world, despite the huge fetish that exists among fans. I will relay more information on Men.com’s scene as it becomes available.

Bat Sup


The movie does look to be great! I am still not in love with Apocalypse’s look, but I definitely like that Oscar Isaac is playing En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse himself). Storm looks great, as does Psylocke. I cannot wait to see some of the battles taking place. What are you thoughts?

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Joker Batman

Mark Hamill, who will be the voice of the Joker in the upcoming Batman DC Animated movie- The Killing Joke, has released this one image of what this movie will look like. I am impressed and excited about this project!

Before hand, he released several tweets with the first word in all caps. He definitely knew what he was doing and he is driving his fans insane because of of this! I love it!

The Killing Joke is a graphic novel set within the Batman mythos that received much praise but is also infamous for the depiction of the darkness that the Joker really has within him. Not only does he shoot and cripple Barbara Gordon but he goes so far as to sexually assaulting the former Batgirl. He also has Jim Gordan sexually assaulted as well, while he is forced to see naked pictures of his daughter. It is a very adult and dark look as to what the Joker really is and what he is capable of doing. His hopes were to break the Commissioner and also show that he himself is the result of just one bad day and that this could be replicated. This movie is set to come out late in 2016.


Newsies Casey Cott

If you are unaware, there is new Pilot for the CW network called Riverdale that is being made. This is suppose to be modeled after the popular Archies comic book that has been published for many years. All of the major characters have been cast, with the exception of one character that was noticeably absent. However that has changed. The recently introduced openly gay character known as Kevin Keller has been cast. Broadway’s Newsies star, Casey Cott has been cast as this character. So, I will be watching this show. Or at least watching attempt to watch the show. Hopefully the show will be done right and will be faithful to the comics. It could go either way, but I hold out hope that it will be done right. Stay tuned!


Luke Cage

If you are like me, then you are eagerly waiting for the second season of Daredevil to air on Netflix on March 18 (one week from now as of the making of this post). But just announced by Luke Cage star Mike Colter, his series by the same name will be airing on Netflix on September 30, 2016. This is great! Some fans were speculating that we would not get his series until the end of the year. Granted, this is near the last quarter of the year, but I will take it!


If you are unaware of the Marvel Cinematic Netflix world, Daredevil started this trend in 2015 with his own series. It was unknown at the time if the series would tie into the Marvel Cinematic world and/or be continued after the first season. Both were true and the series was not only a hit but Marvel Powers That Be decreed that we would get multiple superhero series to take place in the world known of Netflix. Jessica Jones was the next series to air with her future husband, Luke Cage playing a possible love interest for her.


Luke Cage also known as Power Man, has unbreakable skin and a degree of superhuman strength. His strength levels fluctuate depending on the writer in the comics, but he does appear to be at least as strong as Jessica Jones in the tv series. He becomes a Heroes for Hire mercenary that takes on a heroic role in the Marvel Universe. Luke’s bromantic boytoy Heroes for Hire partner, Iron Fist was recently cast as Finn Jones, better known for his gay role on Game of Thrones. It is unknown whether or not his character will show up in Iron Fist, if only in a small cameo role, but it would make a lot of sense to pass the torch to Iron Fist in this show, similar to how Jessica did this in her own show to Luke.

Luke 2

All of these characters and possibly others will be joining forces for a highly anticipated Defenders series later down the line. Marvel is playing it cool and slowly introducing the characters and will be having more crossovers as the different series unfolds. It should be noted that the Netflix series is unlike the rest of the Marvel Cinematic universe. It is not kid friendly as sex, lots of blood and violence as well as the occasional curse words are used regularly. It is awesome and Luke’s series cannot get here fast enough!