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Walking Dead Trailer at SDCC!


Damn, I’m excited about this coming season of Walking Dead! It looks so incredibly cool!

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Batman v. Superman – NEW Trailer with WONDER WOMAN – FINALLY!


God I wish I was at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. So many geektastic news is being shown every day. Here’s the new Batman v. Superman Trailer where we FINALLY get to see Wonder Woman. Briefly. Very Briefly. But at least we see her finally.

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Robin


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Final Fantasy Male Character – TOO Sexy for Video Games


Are you fucking kidding me? Recently on it was reported that the early images of the upcoming mobile Final Fantasy Game- Mevius Final Fantasy, showed the main character Wal (or Uoru, as it’s rendered in Japanese) and this was appare...

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Transformers – Devastation Game Trailer (WOW, it’s like watching the old G1 Cartoon)


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Morning Star – Independent Comic Book Review (Satan is a Superhero?)


I found the comic book – Morning Star by accident at a comic con a couple months back put it on the backburner. After reading it, I was surprised. I didn’t think there were any comics out that had Lucifer as a superhero...

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Marissa Tomei is going to be Aunt May? Really?

Marisa Aunt May

I’ll always think of Marissa Tomei as girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito to Joe Pesci from the movie ‘My Cousin Vinny’ (how the hell did he get her as a girlfriend?!). Recently, reports that Tomei will be playing Aunt May in the upcoming Spider...

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Fight Club 2 Issue #2 Review from Dark Horse Comics


Here’s my video review for issue number 2 for Fight Club 2. It’s a great story so far. Maybe we’ll get a movie version sometime down the line. I’d love to see Ed Norton return back to his narrator role.

Check out my review and be sure to subscribe...

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Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman Trinity -DC Movie Versions Finally Fully Revealed, almost

Superman Batman Wonderwoman

What do you think of the fully revealed Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. I will say that Wonder Woman does have a little bit of color in her costume, which is somewhat nicer...

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Florida SuperCon 2015

New Movie (14).Movie_Snapshot

I went to Florida SuperCon 2015 this past weekend. It was fun, but because of the heat, the traffic, and the huge as line to get in, I couldn’t stay for too long. I was only able to stay for a day regardless, but still it was a lot of fun...

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Fear the Walking Dead – Prequel Series is coming in August!


When I heard that there was going to be a Walking Dead spin off series coming out, I was thinking that we were going to be seeing another story of survivors roaming around, trying to survive...

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