I don’t know who did this, but it definitely took an interesting turn that I was not expecting. Usually we have a battle between the characters and then having them team up together. If any love is indicated, it is always Superman and Wonder Woman or in the older years of 2010s, it was Batman and Wonder Woman. This different setting is something we usually do not get. So of course I approve of this message!

Comic Load 1.6.2016 (2).Movie_Snapshot

Comic Load Wednesday – 1/6/2016. I will be discussing several misc. comic books that I read on a weekly basis. Some are new, most will be recent comics that have been released this week or the previous week if I was unable to obtain them for whatever reason. I will try to keep all of the discussions brief and to the point without giving too many details. It would not be fair spoil everything. Some comics will be talked about separately in a different video because I really care about certain titles more than others, such as the Midnighter series or possibly Masters of the Universe. Anyways, the following comic issues (without spoilers) is my comic load this week:
Batman Beyond #8
Star Wars #14
Darth Vader #15
Spider-Man/Deadpool #1
Totally Awesome Hulk #2
X-Men – Worst X-Man Ever #1
Uncanny X-Men #1

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The trinity

There are so few gay males in sci-fi entertainment today. So very few. So in essence, fans will sometimes create a relationships between male characters that they may be fantasizing about. Or in some cases relationships are created among some fans when they see that characters appear to have some unspoken feelings towards one another. Star Wars The Force Awakens introduces us to Finn (FN-2178), a former Stormtrooper who has fought against his brainwashing and has rebelled against the tyrannical First Order within the new Republic. We are also introduced to Poe Dameron, General Leia’s best pilot within the resistance (how is there a resistance if there is a fully functioning Republic government?). Also worth noting is the female protagonist, Rey, who thankfully destroys the helpless damsel in distress stereotype very effectively. Thus the new trinity is formed. But many fans (me included) are going insane over the scenes with Finn and Poe.

Poe and Finn Love

Finn appears to have some love interest in Rey as the movie moves along. Even though he attempts to save her, to which she is capable of saving herself in these instances, his love may not be completely reciprocated. Anything is possible as originally Luke originally was chasing after Leia in the original trilogy. Look how that turned out. Even though there is no possible chance that two mainstream male characters in the Star Wars universe will be romantically involved, a shipping of the two characters is fully possible. Some shippers are going by the name ‘Foes’ or ‘Pinns’ and a couple other misc. names here and there.

Finn Poe 2

The two only share a few scenes together, but it is established that two of them become buddies and are definitely the source of a lot of bromantic feelings from the audience. Fans everywhere have been talking about these few scenes and how they appear to share with each other a possible budding romance. With that, let us be clear. No one is delusional. Shippers are not thinking that these characters will ever get together on screen or any form of legit cannon in the Star Wars universe. The sci-fi hetero community would break the internet with homophobic remarks. Also, there will be those that need to remind everyone that it ‘Foe’ will never happen, but everyone is entitled to dream and have their own hopes.

Poe Fin Love 2

I am already working on a Poe Dameron flightsuit costume that I hope to complete within the next year before Star Wars Episode VIII comes out. I think I already have a Finn that is also willing to reenact some of the imaginary scenes that some fans want to see. Or at least what many woman and gay fans want to see happen. I am looking way too deeply in Finn and Poe’s scenes together, but I am allowed to do that as a huge gay geek. I love Star Wars and I love the new movie. Every movie has issues, but this was overall incredibly awesome. It is doubtful that any gay romance will take place on screen, but I can make it happen in my own life and reality in the world of cosplay.

Finn and Poe ArtFinn and Poe Art 2


For a fan made trailer, this is pretty badass. I know because the passage of time and the death of actors, we will never see some crossing of universes. Also because of writers saying it is too complicated to have a cohesive movie/tv universe in the DC Universe, even though Marvel figured that out. But a crossing of universes that converge together can be done. In fact it has been done multiple times in the comics. I could see a cool cross over tv episode of Flash where Supergirl, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and everyone else crossed over because of a breach in the mulitverse. It could happen damnit! Let me have my dream. But anyways, this trailer is badass! I give props to people who made it.

I feel like an addict, I cannot stop thinking about Star Wars. I want to watch it so bad. I just got into an internet argument on an undisclosed forum that is not important about the petty motions of C3PO and how his movements keep him from doing the actions that other droids can do… don’t judge me. I have no idea why I choose that argument to go into it with someone. I had to step back and realize, I have other things to do.
HanLukeObi WanVader

On the plus side, we now know 3 of the actors that will be in the Star Wars Porn Parody on Luke Adams as Luke CockWalker? Jessy Ares as Obi-Wan and now Dennis West as Han Solo and Vader will be in it as announced today from’s Twitter page. I am wondering who is going to play him though? That’s the mystery I want to see. I also kinda want Chewbacca to be introduced too. I don’t know how they would do it, but there are lots of bears out there that could totally play him!

Darth Daddy
Anyways, Star Wars VII is almost here. According to the preliminary screenings and write ups that I have only glanced very briefly for fear of spoilers, but it seems to be very epic in positive reviews. Anyone seeing it multiple times? I’m probably watching it at least 3 times to get a good feel for it. Damn I’m excited! By the way, I kind of want a lightsaber dildo like in the pic below. Just for fun…and other stuff. Here’s a couple hot Star Wars pics for your pleasure.

DildoBobbaWookieStom TrooperR2D2Naked DarthJabbaEp 7

Because everyone else with "real" lightsabers is doing this.

Posted by Zknik Enloe on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Krieger 2

I have no idea what this show is about and what the deal is as to whether it’s a regular online series or just some YouTube vids, but I laughed out loud so hard watching this. This is award winning material and I want to see full episodes. Does anyone out there watch Kriegerisms and could you explain it to me? I just saw this in passing and did not have time to research it. If you’d like to write something up on it, that would be even better. This is great!

Force Choke

The Star Wars movies never talk too much about the grey area inbetween the Jedi and the Sith. There are other organizations that exist that train the force sensitive beings and they all have their own order. Granted, these organizations probably are no longer canon in the Star Wars universe, but they supposedly existed. I would like to think that I would be a hero for sure but I don’t know if I could do the whole Jedi thing where they’re suppose to be completely non-sexual and never find love. I would not want to be a Sith Lord either. If I did have force powers, I’d use them sexually. A lot.

Force Choke 1Force Dick

By the way, does Force Choking count as erotic asphyxiation? I bet it could be. Not that I’m into that but I seem to know a lot of people that are.

Erotic AsphyxiationErotic Asphyxiation 1

Oh yeah, Dark Helmet once used the Scwartz on me at Dragon Con when I was dressed as Robin.

GayComicGeek gets his nuts zapped by Dark Helmet

So many shows/movies are coming out next year, it’s incredible to be a geek! Maybe not a gay geek as there’s not a lot of gay representation in these venues, unless you count lesbian acts, which I don’t. We at least get some gay characters in Flash and Agents of SHIELD. But whatever, we cannot hope for equal representation over night. We are making tiny minuscule representation of a gay characters here and there. One day we will have a full on gay superhero carry a show. Until then, I will appreciate the superhero movies we get now. Captain America Civil War or Cap vs. Iron, looks to be great. It is almost like an Avengers Lite movie.


Daredevil started the whole Marvel Netflix superhero shows and I’m excited to see season 2. Especially since now we’re getting Punisher and Electra showing up this season. More than likely there will be some sort of spin off on both characters if they do the season right. Plus an eventual team up of Jessica Jones with Luke Cage, Daredevil, Punisher, Iron Fist and maybe Blade and Ghostrider down the line, it could be one of the best team up (Defender) series ever done.


Anyone in the cosplay community can tell you that Deadpool characters are usually the worst cosplayers as they’re more annoying than people who dress as the Joker. They literally take their character to heart and become an annoying superhero/anti-hero/villain. With that being said, I cannot wait to see this movie and I kinda want to make my own Deadpool costume. Don’t tell anyone.


The Suicide Squad is a movie that fans are either excited about or they’re totally on the hater side of it. I personally want to give it a chance since we will be getting more DC Characters introduced into their movie-verse. I may not be liking everything I see, but I will definitely give a shot. Jared Leto as the Joker can work, and I refuse to believe the theories about him that are sprouting all over the place. I will wait to see for myself.

Supers and Bat

Batman v. Superman is probably the biggest thing that DC is banking on. If this movie fails, they are totally going to ruin everything that they have built up in the next couple of years. Some movies are being made regardless of this movies value, but they are making a leap to make this movie to further their superhero universe to match up with certain other companies. I do not like to think of any competition being made between universes, but it is obvious that Marvel has a cohesive movie/TV universe for the most part and are banking on it. Warner Brothers is making their attempt and writing their own formula to suit their own characters. Hopefully it will work. Besides, who does not want to see three of the most popular superheroes of all time FINALLY working together in a big budget production?


The first movie was not the greatest. It was entertaining, but there was a lot of criticism to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I personally thought it was decent. Nothing spectacular, but it kept me watching to the end. This one I am looking forward to seeing. Maybe it is the introduction of Casey Jones, maybe because of Rocksteady and Bebop, or that the Turtles ‘Come Out’ of the shadows. I do not know. I will be there opening day though.


X-Men have had a lot of movies to get things right. They started off shakey and then got pretty good. Then they outright sucked with a couple installments. Now I feel like they are on the right track. I know that Apocalypse still looks like Ivan Ooze from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, but he is a shape shifter and can look like who ever he wants to look like. One small factor is not going to keep me from not enjoying the movie. It has so much potential to be a badass movie.

Luke Cage

And let’s not forget Luke SEXY AS FUCK Cage getting his own series. Holy hell, I was so glad we got to see him shirtless in the Jessica Jones story and that he was not diminished in any way when his role was shown. I know the show was very much about Jessica and her hardships as recovering from her horrible abuse as being a victim of Kilgrave (the Purple Man), but sometimes shows can make other characters appear to be weak in respect to the main character. I cannot wait to see his show start up next year.

Anything I missed? What are you looking forward to seeing?


First the Batman v. Superman Trailer, then the Captain America Civil War movie trailer was shown, then the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie preview came out and the X-Men Apocalypse trailer hits, but now we get a Gay Star Wars Porn Parody from! Holy fracking hell, that is so cool! released the above image recently and no details are known yet, but I can only guess as to what they are doing and who is going to play who. I am ridiculously more excited about this than I should be. Needless to say, I will be hoping for a multi-part series and promoting the fuck out of it every step of the way. They have released an Arrow scene in the past and several other sci-fi related scenes, not to mention their multi-part Gay of Thrones series. So I have faith that these will be good. Also, if all of these can be done, then other geeky genres can be done instead, right? Superheroes maybe?

If you are unaware, the straight porn world did get a Porn Parody by Axel Braun. This guy is awesome and I wish he would do just one gay porn parody in his career. It would be a blockbuster among the gay porn world. The trailer for this movie is below. No worries, it’s YouTube, you will not see scary man eating vaginas in this preview. You will see Rocco Reed as Han Solo who has done both straight and gay porn. In fact, he has done several scenes with


So many good movie trailers are out. X-Men – Age of Apocalypse trailer just aired and I’m totally nerdgasming everywhere! We get some accurate portrayals of some of the characters. Mohawk Storm. Can we all just appreciate that? The feel is very comic-y and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Angel become Archangel. The ending shot of the trailer is something that I would have saved for the movie, but whatever, I’m still happy. I was not happy with Apocalypse’s look originally but I’m thinking he’s going to be CGI’d to death, so it won’t matter. I won’t give any more geek criticism than that as I feel like that’s been given way too much lately with all nerd properties lately. I’ll just enjoy this for what it is and say I’m totally sold on this movie!