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Kriegerism – This Deserves a Primetime TV Slot

Krieger 2

I have no idea what this show is about and what the deal is as to whether it’s a regular online series or just some YouTube vids, but I laughed out loud so hard watching this. This is award winning material and I want to see full episodes. Does anyone out there watch Kriegerisms and could you explain it to me? I just saw this in passing and did not have time to research it. If you’d like to write something up on it, that would be even better. This is great!

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If I had Force Powers…I’d use them Sexually ALL the Time! (NSFW)

Force Choke

The Star Wars movies never talk too much about the grey area inbetween the Jedi and the Sith. There are other organizations that exist that train the force sensitive beings and they all have their own order. Granted, these organizations probably are no longer canon in the Star Wars universe, but they supposedly existed. I would like to think that I would be a hero for sure but I don’t know if I could do the whole Jedi thing where they’re suppose to be completely non-sexual and never find love...

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So Many Geeky Things to Look forward to Next Year!

So many shows/movies are coming out next year, it’s incredible to be a geek! Maybe not a gay geek as there’s not a lot of gay representation in these venues, unless you count lesbian acts, which I don’t. We at least get some gay characters in Flash and Agents of SHIELD. But whatever, we cannot hope for equal representation over night. We are making tiny minuscule representation of a gay characters here and there. One day we will have a full on gay superhero carry a show...

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There’s Going to be a Gay Star Wars Porn Parody on!!! (NSFW)


First the Batman v. Superman Trailer, then the Captain America Civil War movie trailer was shown, then the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie preview came out and the X-Men Apocalypse trailer hits, but now we get a Gay Star Wars Porn Parody from! Holy fracking hell, that is so cool! released the above image recently and no details are known yet, but I can only guess as to what they are doing and who is going to play who...

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X-Men – Apocalypse Trailer -SQUEEEE!!!! This looks so fucking badass!!!


So many good movie trailers are out. X-Men – Age of Apocalypse trailer just aired and I’m totally nerdgasming everywhere! We get some accurate portrayals of some of the characters. Mohawk Storm. Can we all just appreciate that? The feel is very comic-y and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Angel become Archangel. The ending shot of the trailer is something that I would have saved for the movie, but whatever, I’m still happy...

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Fuck You Straight Porn…They’re Just Rubbing it in Our Faces with their Accurate Superhero Parodies


I don’t like to talk about hetero porn very much since gay porn is great in its own ways and gets little publicity outside of the gay community unless there is some scandal involving one of the entertainers but sometimes I have no choice but to respect the awesomeness that is the world of Axel Braun and his superhero porn parodies. Axel’s latest superhero porn – Avengers vs...

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Patreon FINALLY has an App for your Mobile Devices


I have been one of those people on the Patreon surveys that have been begging them to make a workable app for Patreon. Now they finally have it. So I am very happy about this. Check it out and download it if you have an Android or Iphone. It will help out a lot in the future if you are one of my Patrons.

Iphone users:

Android Phones:

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Winter Con 2015 – It was Fun and took lots of pics! (Some were slightly bondage pics too)


Been out of it for the past couple of days and it was a fun ‘out of it’ kind of way. I was with my buddies Danny Lantern, Tony Ray, Caryn Rafi (female Flash), Brendan (Jason Todd), Rob (Riddler), and Eli (amazing photographer and glitter beard enthusiast).

Flash and Fire

We had an interesting small photoshoot outside of our hotel room in a small construction site. It was pretty cool. We were in full uniform and being very stupid as well. You can’t get any happier than that...

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Superman vs. Batman Trailer – WOW!

Superman bat and Wonder

Wow, I am floored at this trailer! I am hoping beyond hope that the movie does not suck and that the trailers are doing the movie justice. Although it does give a lot away, I am still hoping that there’s a lot of surprises coming out that we have not heard about yet. It will be a crammed full movie with other characters that have not been introduced yet, but hopefully they will do it in a very unique way rather just make a small cameo with Aquaman and Flash. Check out the trailer below.

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Billy – The Blue Power Ranger Evolution- He was Always my Favorite!

David Yost as Billy

I did not want to admit it as a kid because I was not comfortable at the time thinking about my sexuality, but I had a huge crush on Billy Cranston aka the Blue Power Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series. I related to his character so much more than all of the other characters. He started out very similar to how I felt in real life. I was the dorky clumsy kid with glasses that was anything but a superhero...

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