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Spartan 300- Wonder Woman style!

I can’t take credit for this pic but I had to repost it. This is incredible!


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Oh my Glob!!!! Guess who got featured on the Advocate! Guess!


Yep, I did!

Granted, it was just one article, but whatever, I’ll take it! Check out Page 3 to see me being mention!

It’s minor, but I’m still excited cause I’m a fucking geek and I love when other people think ...

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Rock Steady and Bebop are going to be in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2!


Holy fracking hell, Rock Steady and Bebop are going to be in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2! NICE!

Film set pics have already been shown of the actors playing the parts and I’m stoked about this...

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Any Alien 3 Fans? Bhahaha…this was hilarious!

This isn’t mine, but I still wanted to share it. It’s seems so simple to make and so funny at the same time!

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Tilda Swinton could be the Ancient One in the Dr. Stange Movie


Yes, apparently, Tilda Swinton may be the Ancient One in the upcoming Marvel Studios – Dr. Strange movie. This is interesting and I am unsure how I feel about this.


Swinton is an incredible actress and it wouldn’t be the first time that she’s...

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Pulsar meets the GayComicGeek- Another Animated Gif from Gene Lightfoot!


I love Gene Lightfoot’s work! He just created this piece (above) of my GayComicGeek character in a sling, having his ass eaten out by a character called, Pulsar. This character was created by user- Timemonkey.



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You remember Bill Nye, the Science Guy? Have you ever heard him curse? It’s fucking hilarious!!

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Supergirl Pilot Review – It got leaked…maybe purposely…

So I watched the Supergirl pilot. Of course I was forced to watch it, because watching it would be illegal. But I did enjoy it a bit. It wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but it was decent. Here’s my thoughts on it.

When you get a chance, also check...

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Daredevil or Flash- Which was the Best Superhero TV show of the season?

With most of the season finales hitting us, a lot of superhero series have already ended. I enjoyed most of these sagas and I can’t wait for Fall to see the continuation of the series that were renewed...

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Game of Thrones – Did they go too Far?

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