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Young Justice Season 3 – It Has A Chance!

Young Justice

Comic book and cartoon fans everywhere may be able to get their hopes for a possible renewal of the Young Justice cartoon series. The first two seasons of this epic cartoon has been put on Netflix and according to Khary Payton who was the voice of Aqualad and Cyborg and who currently works for ComicBookResources has stated that:

Netflix is currently looking at the numbers for Young Justice, and if they like what they see…WE WILL GET A 3RD SEASON OF THE SHOW!

Kid Flash

The Young Justice cartoon was loo...

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All the New Male Power Rangers Shirtless are Hot!

Male Power Rangers Baby!

Have you seen the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers males, shirtless?! Fuck they’re all hot! I cannot wait to see this movie! pictured above are the Blue, Black, and Red Rangers respectively from left to right.

Rangers even Females

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The Hamburglar is Fucking HOT!

Hamburglar Hottie Change

I know this is old news but god dangit! The Hamburglar is a fucking hottie! Have you seen the make over that McDonalds gave him? Why are they not using him more in commercials now? I know they dropped just about all of their characters, but shoot, give this guy some air time and I will definitely be checking out McD’s.. I know, I know, their food is awful for you and all that stuff. But still Damn.

Hamburglar Hottie 3

Hamburglar Hottie

Old Hambuglar 2

This video has absolutely nothing to do with the new Hamburglar, but it’s hilarious! You shou...

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – It was Dark Depressing Book?

I had no idea. I just saw this video explaining the difference with the book – Who Censored Roger Rabbit as opposed to the movie – Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I loved the movie and have seen it dozens of times. I guess I should have assumed that this was a book before a movie but I had never even thought about it until someone sent me this link today. It is pretty interesting. Check out the video below.

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X-men Danger Room Protocols (CANCELED) Episode 1 Part 1

Have you heard of the X-Men Protocols? This was a very, very short lived online animated series based on the X-Men going through battlegrounds within the Danger Room. Not only that, but the team consists of my absolute favorite members of the X-Men team that we never see in comics anymore. This was created by Joel Furtado, who was this series out of fandom for the series.

Unfortunately, Marvel aka Disney, has made sure that his project is shut down. This is so unfortunate...

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Darkwing Duck Comics Are Coming (Phrasing, Boom!) To Comic Store Soon!


Yes, Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night, is returning back to comic book world. Bleeding Cool News reported that Darkwing Duck will be returning to the comic book world in April. How great is that?!


As a kid, I would rush home to watch the Disney Afternoon and enjoy the hijinks of a would be vigilante superhero known as Drake Mallard aka Duckwing Duck...

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Wonder Woman Movie – First Look!


Interesting first look at the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie coming out. We have DC writer Geoff Johns explaining to Kevin Smith some basics regarding the original Warrior Princess. It is very true that the average person can give the origins to both Superman and Batman as their stories have been told several times through media history. But when you look at Wonder Woman, who is the most famous of all female comic book superheroes ever, and many people are unaware of her backstory...

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Oh MYYYYY!!! That is George Takei touching This Guy’s dick, right? (NSFW)


I’m not making this up in my head, am I? That is George Takei, right? I know he’s gay and we are all sexual beings, but sometimes it’s odd to see people act out sexual stuff. Like for instance I know that my grandparents never actually had sex but instead only hugged and my grandmother was just artificially inseminated …6 times…before it was even medically official to be able to do that. It helps me sleep at night to think that. Same thing with Takei. This is still funny though...

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When did The Goonies become TOO Adult for Kids to Watch?

Goonies Title

The Goonies came out in 1985 and is arguably one of the greatest kids movies of all time. The story involved a group of kids that were played by actual kids. Josh Brolin (Brand) was one of the oldest of the main children cast at age 17 while his love interest Kerri Green (Andy) was 18 years old. Martha Plimpton (Stef) was 15 years old at the time while the slightly younger Sean Astin (Mikey), Corey Feldmen (Mouth), Ke Huy Quan (Data) were 13...

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Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman Trinity – A Different Take


I don’t know who did this, but it definitely took an interesting turn that I was not expecting. Usually we have a battle between the characters and then having them team up together. If any love is indicated, it is always Superman and Wonder Woman or in the older years of 2010s, it was Batman and Wonder Woman. This different setting is something we usually do not get. So of course I approve of this message!

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