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Male Geeky Underwear – The Next Edition! Do You Have Any? (NSFW)

I had a rough weekend. Guys in geeky/superhero underwear always make me feel better. Do you have any? I’ve posted before and some of you guys have submitted your pics, so I hope to see more of them. Any geeky genre will work...

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Wonder Warrior/Boy Costume – It Is Being Done!

In honor of the new Wonder Woman movie and me being a total fanboy, I’m finally doing a full on Wonder Warrior/Boy costume. More pics to come. I’ve posted uncropped pics on my Patreon site already. It is quite awesome!

To see the pics, go to: Patr...

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The Little Mermaid LIVE Movie Trailer Is Out – I’m Not Even Whelmed By This

A Little Mermaid live action is being made. I had no idea. This is not a Disney movie. The fact that the movie is based on a young mermaid is the only similarity that I can see in this trailer...

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Burger King – Valentine’s Day “Adult Meal” offers Adult Toy – No Seriously! (Only In Israel Unfortunately)

Ok, I saw this and was like – Get the Fuck Out of Here! No way. This is fake. But sure enough, if you live in Israel, Burger King will be offering an Adult Meals to people over the age of 18 after 6pm on Valentine’s Day. This will include an adult...

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GayComicGeek Fanart by TJ Flanagan and Nick Prentoski

You guys are the best! Some very talented artists out there made some new GayComicGeek images. I got two different pieces of fanart this past week. The first one above was by TJ Flanagan Works. I need to dress like that more often...

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Underwear Submissions! Mostly Your Pics – (NSFW)

Thanks to everyone who took pics and those that found other pics and submitted them to me. Most are geeky underwear and some are just hot pics of you guys in underwear. I took them regardless...

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Show Me Your Geeky Underwear! Please? (NSFW)

I have a thing for geeky underwear. I have to so many that I usually assume everyone else has at least one pair. After asking others for pics I found that not as many do as I may think...

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Is there such a Thing as a Santa Fetish? (NSFW)


Is there a Santa Claus fetish? Or maybe it’s a holiday fetish? I think I may be a part of this fetish. Anyways, I’ve said this for several years in a row now, but there needs to be a good gay Santa porn...

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GayComicGeek Art – By AddictedToRopes (NSFW-ish)

I always encourage art to be done by any artist out there. The sluttier, the better too! And damn I wish I could grow facial hair this good. Anyways, this piece was made by Addicted to Ropes over on Tumblr...

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Super Cuttle – AKA Stevie Supes – Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight


Meet SuperCuttle also known as StevieSupes or just Stephen. I came across one of Stephen’s Superman pictures by accident when I was scrolling through Instragram...

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