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Shiro – Leader of the Paladins of Voltron – Confirmed to Have Boyfriend – Hell’s Yeah!

At the San Diego Comic Con 2018 and at the Voltron panel, co-showrunner Lauren Montgomery confirmed that Shiro, the leader of Voltron and pilot of the Black Lion (voiced by Josh Keaton), is gay and that the character of Adam, Shiro’s boyfriend will be shown. Oh my glob, that’s awesome! I know many wanted Shiro to be in a relationship with fellow paladin Keith, but this is still great news nonetheless...

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Boy Erased – Trailer – Based on a True Story of a Young Man Going Through Conversion Therapy

Wow, prepare to cry at this trailer. The movie Boy Erased is based on the book Boy Erased: A Memoir which is an memoir based on writer Garrard Conley, the son of a Baptist pastor. In the movie as in the book, Garrard writes about himself when was 19 years old and asked to either leave his family, friends, and faith or go through conversion therapy for his sexuality. This movie stars Lucas Hedges as Garrard, Nicole Kidman as his mother and Russell Crowe as his father.

Just the music alone make...

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Brian Bonds Proposes to Boyfriend Mason Lear After Raw Fuck Club Gang Bang Scene (NSFW)

Proposing after a gangbang may seem unusual to some and it makes others feel uncomfortable, but hey, good for them!!! Life is different for all of us and it may seem unconventional to have an open sexual relationship that is viewable by the public at large, but it works for others. Brian Bonds is an incredible performer and I have followed him for years...

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San Diego Comic Con 2018 – (Pride) Laughing Prince Adam – Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusive!

There will be a pink vest, rainbow boxed version of Prince Adam from the Masters of the Universe Classics line available during San Diego Comic Comic Con 2018 made by Super7. This will be at the shop – Hordak’s Lair on July 18-19. This makes me so happy. Some other haters are not so much enthused but hardcore Masters of the Universe fans are just as ecstatic as I am. Although getting him will not be so easy to obtain.

Although this figure is titled ‘Laughing Prince Adam,’ from the cartoon and ...

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Pride Month Artist Spotlight – Joe Phillips

I have posted in the past about Joe Phillips, but he deserves repostings. His work is off the charts in terms of how phenomenal his skills are as an artist. This is not to mention that he exemplifies his work in modes of realism that represent subjects that are based on friends and those individuals that he has met in his life. I have been lucky to meet him several times are varying conventions and am proud to call him a friend...

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Thank You to the LGBT Community and Supporters – Both Past & Present Generations – Happy Pride Month!

Pride Month has been celebrated since 1970, after the Stonewall Riots in New York that took place the previous year. It was not the first LGBT Protest, but it was memorable and marked an event where Transgender/Gay/Lesbian population said this is enough bullying. The celebration of this month has been blurred through the decades with much more emphasis on partying rather than remembering that the LGBT community has been and still is harassed, scrutinized, belittle and continually oppressed...

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May 22 – It is Harvey Milk Day!

May 22, 1930 is the day that Harvey Milk was born. It is also Harvey Milk Day. Harvey was a gay rights activist in the 1970s who was the first openly elected gay city supervisor in San Francisco. He is responsible for passing several gay rights ordinances and is celebrated as one of the most famous openly gay politicians within the US. I admit I knew little about Harvey Milk before the making of the movie Milk, starring Sean Penn, but today is his day. This was made by the Harvey Milk Foundatio...

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Vintage Gay Pictures – There’s Something About Seeing Old Pictures That I Love

I do not know what it is, but I love seeing vintage pics of men in a romantic way. Granted, some of these pictures may very well just be male friends who are affectionate. Male affection was something that is not degraded as much as it is today. Many men would hug and be friendly towards each other without the current stigma of their heterosexual masculinity being threatened. Regardless though, here are some pictures that I enjoy seeing.

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Qreel – LGBTQ Video Streaming Service – NOT Porn

Have you heard of Qreel? I just found out about this today. It is an LGBTQ streaming services for movies and TV shows. The site is brand new so the selection is not huge as of yet but there is content that I have never heard about. Hopefully more will be added as the service starts to develop. Netflix and other streaming services also have some LGBTQ content, but this one does seem a bit more focused and offers a lot more from what I can see...

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SuitSupply – The Suited Up Man – I have Huge Thing For a Nicely Dressed Guy (NSFW)

The clothing site, Suit Supply has cast it’s new Summer advertisements of men’s clothing and they showed that the men can embrace each other in quite romantic and sensual ways. This is NOT by any means a porn/exotic means of advertisement like Andrew Christian underwear ads. The advertisement used by Suit Supply is much more tame in comparison to other sites that are expressing loving moments between men...

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