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Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS!

Josh Cotham who is part of Broadway Bares, benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS is running a fundraiser. This fundraiser is for providing lifesaving medications, nutritious meals, health care, counseling, emergency financial assistance and so much more to men, women and children in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.

Check out the fundraiser site at:

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New Kids Cartoon on Hulu – ‘Bravest Knight’ – Will be a Fairy Tale Featuring Gay Dads

A new cartoon is coming to Hulu called The Bravest Knight. (See attached trailer below) This is based on Daniel Errico’s 2014 book “The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived.” The series focuses on Nia (Storm Reid), the daughter of a former pumpkin farmer, Sir Cedric (voiced by T.R. Knight), and Prince Andrew (Wilson Cruz). The two men are happily married. Sir Cedric is recounting his tales to their daughter Nia and “on how he transformed from day-time farmer to full-fledged knight.”

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Isaiah Shade is Gay for Slay #1 – Class Comics Book Review (SPOILERS)

What do you get when you cross over Supernatural with Constantine and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? You have Isaiah Shade, demon hunter. This new Class Comics book is incredibly badass. It was written and Illustrated by Patrick Fillion. Check out my thoughts on this first issue in the attached video.

Check out this comic book at: ClassComics.Com

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January 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Over 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust by Nazis. This does not count the survivors who were still tortured and scarred for life. The idea that fucking Nazis still exist boggles my mind. Of the 11 million killed, there were thousands of gay men that were rounded up and also tortured in these concentration camps. This is where we get infamous Pink Triangle. It was originally used to mark and shame those that were homosexual and sent to these torture camps...

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If You’re From The US – I Hope You All Voted Today! MidTerm Elections 2018

I’m really happy to see so many of my friends all taking the time to vote. Granted I do not know all of the people on my friend’s list personally, but I am happy to see that the vast majority of those that I do know in real life, all took the time to vote today. The results may not be what we all want but for those that tried, you guys are awesome. Here are some of the people that I interact with that voted.

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It’s Día De Los Muertos

Hey! It’s yo boy CeroLobo! Hacking the GayComicGeeks site with my CeroLobo powers. Joking, I wouldn’t hack his website.

It’s Día De Los Muertos which is a Mexican holiday to honor your deceased loved ones. Being Half-Mexican I love this holiday and celebrate it any chance I get (me pictured above in my make up), but do you guys I thought I would post some sexy Sugar Skull (calavera) guys and some hot Mexican actors. Particularly Hernando from Sense8.

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Trick 2 – Coming in 2019 – Just in Time for Its 20th Anniversary!

Director Jim Fall released this image made by Jayson Rivest announcing that Trick 2 is being made and set for release in 2019, just in time for the original’s 20th anniversary. HOLY HELL, I’m excited! Jim Hall is the director of the first Trick and I absolutely love this movie! It is the first gay movie I saw when I was younger and it was also one of the few movies that made me feel so much hope about my sexuality...

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Season 2 – CW Seed Animated Series Review (SPOILERS)

One of my favorite DC Comic book gay superheroes is back with a second prequel season on the CW Seed website. Raymond Terrell is a metahuman with light based powers bestowed on him. He battles not on his own Earth but on another Earth where Nazis have taken over and a small group of Freedom Fighters, both human and superhuman, attempt to over through this evil regime. Check out my thoughts on this second season, but lots of spoilers are a part of this!

Watch the series over at:


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Shiro – Leader of the Paladins of Voltron – Confirmed to Have Boyfriend – Hell’s Yeah!

At the San Diego Comic Con 2018 and at the Voltron panel, co-showrunner Lauren Montgomery confirmed that Shiro, the leader of Voltron and pilot of the Black Lion (voiced by Josh Keaton), is gay and that the character of Adam, Shiro’s boyfriend will be shown. Oh my glob, that’s awesome! I know many wanted Shiro to be in a relationship with fellow paladin Keith, but this is still great news nonetheless...

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Boy Erased – Trailer – Based on a True Story of a Young Man Going Through Conversion Therapy

Wow, prepare to cry at this trailer. The movie Boy Erased is based on the book Boy Erased: A Memoir which is an memoir based on writer Garrard Conley, the son of a Baptist pastor. In the movie as in the book, Garrard writes about himself when was 19 years old and asked to either leave his family, friends, and faith or go through conversion therapy for his sexuality. This movie stars Lucas Hedges as Garrard, Nicole Kidman as his mother and Russell Crowe as his father.

Just the music alone make...

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