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Hoodwinked – Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

Some people really like to see their partners pair up with another guy. Others sometimes want participate themselves and take turns with this other guy. A new Men at Play scene explores this a bit, but with a blindfolded Logan Moore...

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First Impressions – UNCUT Men at Play Gay XXX Scene Review (NSFW)

Ever had to make a First Impression on a possible new career path? Imagine showing up in a business suit to a leather bar to be a new bartender. Well Paco has to show his new employer, Jean Franko, that he knows what he’s doing...

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Guaranteed Deposit – Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

Denis Vega shows Billy Santoro a new condo in this new Men at Play scene. And damn, Denis really works hard for that deposit…get it? It’s a double entendre. Whatever, it’s a fucking hot scene!
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Nobody’s Business – Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review with Kayden Gray & Dani Robles

Ever wanted to get it on in a coffee shop in front of everyone present? Without them knowing anything that is going on? In a business suit? Fuck yeah, I have! Check out my thoughts on this Men at Play scene with cutie Dani Robles and Kayden Gray.

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Ctrl + C – Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

Ever have a guy so infatuated with you that he copies your every move. Including coping your suit and hair style? This is what happens when Sebastian Reiss does this to Hector De Silva on a recent Men at Play scene- Ctrl+C.

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ManTrap – Men at Play UNCUT Gay XXX Scene Review (NSFW)

ManTrap – Jean Franco knocks out Mike De Marco and plays with him for a bit. Do you like guys in suits? What about slight bondage? Holy hell, this was hot! I have a slight suit fetish. Men at Play is awesome at getting super hot men and have them ...

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Double Stakes Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review

Double Stakes FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

One of the latest scenes from Men at Play. This has Dato Foland meeting up with bartender Rogan Richards. But their prey in this scene is Klein Kerr. What a hot scene!
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Thug – Men At Play UNCUT Scene Review with Malek Tobias

Thug FINAL Mancast (2).Movie_Snapshot

Over at Men at Play a scene exists with the super hottie Malek Tobias. I love Malek Tobias, he’s so fracking hot! Seeing him being tied up and being face fucked and then later ass fucked too, holy hell! This was incredible...

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Supernatural – Men at Play UNCUT Gay Porn Scene Review (NSFW)

Supernatural 2.Movie_Snapshot

There is a Supernatural porn scene from Men at Play. It is not based on the CW Supernatural. It is a completely different type of series. This has Darius Ferdynand and Xavi Duran in it.

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Cocksure – UNCUT Scene Review from Men at Play

Cocksure (6).Movie_Snapshot

Over at Men at Play, there is a new scene that is called Cocksure. Not to be confused with the Cocksure series, this is based on a white collar boss getting his come comeuppance by a blue collar worker...

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