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Batman: Bad Blood – DC Animated Movie Review

Batman Bad Blood (3).Movie_Snapshot

The new Batman animated movie is out. This time Batman has gone missing and Nightwing must fill in his shoes, otherwise Gotham City’s villains will take over. But he is not alone as several other vigilantes step in to also help fill the void...

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The Falls – Gay Mormon Movie Review (NON-Porn)

The Falls Complete (2).Movie_Snapshot

This week’s gay movie review is on Jon Garcia’s – The Falls. This about two Mormon missionaries that fall in love with each other. It’s a bit slow at first, but once everything is established as to the characters backgrounds, things pick up a bit...

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The Art of Being Straight – Movie Review from TLA


This is definitely not the best movie out there and the ending is just an ending. Nothing great and very anti-climatic. Check out my thoughts on this one and let me know what you think of it yourself.

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Geography Club – Gay Coming of Age Movie Review

Geo Club

Geography Club is a gay coming of age movie that’s based on a book by the same name. In fact, there’s a book series based on these characters. From what I read online, the books are pretty good and easy reads...

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Like It Is – Gay Bare Knuckle Boxer Movie

Like It Is

Ever see a movie based on a bare knuckle gay boxer? Neither have I, until now. This is entertaining but really lacks a lot of direction. There definitely isn’t any real love story involved here...

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G.B.F. – Gay Best Friend Movie Review


This week’s gay movie review is -G.B.F. This isn’t a isn’t a romantic comedy. It’s not a teen drama, it’s barely a coming out story. But it is cute and it has lots of funny moments in it. It’s definitely enjoyable if you turn your mind off...

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Big Eden – Gay Movie Review

Big Eden

Big Eden is probably one of the sweetest feel good movies that I’ve seen in a long time. The movie centers on Henry Hart returning to his small hometown to take care of his ailing grandfather...

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Get Real – Gay Coming of Age Movie Review (I didn’t like it)


I may not win any friends with this video, but I did not like the movie Get Real. I know it’s considered a classic gay movie, but it’s just a movie that didn’t sit well with me...

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Justice League – Gods and Monsters Animated Movie Review


This was a pretty good. I know a lot of haters don’t want to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as anti-heroes, but I liked this story. It’s completely different from what we’re used to seeing, but I think it was a pretty cool change...

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Beautiful Thing – Gay Coming of Age Movie Review

Have you seen the 90’s movie – Beautiful Thing? It’s a pretty awesome movie. All around it feels almost like a real life event that took place that wasn’t too over dramatic but still had enough story to keep the viewer tuned in...

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