Have you seen this?! Holy fracking hell! These two pieces were made by Herrilos. These are the type of situations my GayComicGeek character seems to get into. A lot. This artist is badass! I’m so happy that he did it. I hope he makes more later down the line.

Also, little known fact, the aura and after effect of the GayComicGeek’s superhuman abilities actually amplifies men’s metabolism and sex drive. It’s involuntary. So whenever the GayComicGeek uses his powers, all men around him are affected by it without him actually using it on them directly. It’s why his villains, gay/straight/bi/pan/asexual, all want to splack him. Constantly.

Check out Herrilos’ site over at: Herrilos.Tumblr.com

I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this past weekend with some buddies and it was a lot of fun. We mostly were doing a pirate thing. I’ve always wanted to do my own take on being a pirate. This was a perfect opportunity!

I figured I’d stay away from most of the Captain Jack Sparrow look and do something more colorful. Although I did do the eyeliner bit. That’s something that I put a vote on my Patreon site and they all mostly agreed that it would look better. Here’s a couple pics of the convention Faire pics.

Every comic book convention is unique and San Diego Comic Con is like the Superbowl of comic cons. So understandably, there are some super smoking hot guys that attend these cons. I had several friends attend this year and they all took some wonderful pics. Lots of hot geeky guys, and here’s a couple that I saw that I thought look pretty darn sexy!

Levi Miles as Wiccan.

XCeroloboX took this of Rocky and a Spartan

Sexy Blue Ranger by Dan Williams

Jay Acey as Black Panther

Jay also was Black Adam with Alexander as Bishop

Baywatch Lifeguards with Cap Santiago

Wolverine and Captain America by Matthew

Superman by Apollo

Venom by Kei Mak

Powdered Toast Man by David Ross

BONUS – Kei also did Ganondorf and won Hall Of Fan Costume Award. Congrats stud!!!

Ken from the Mattel Barbie toyline is getting a huge make over. There will be many new versions of Ken hitting stores soon that range in style from his skin tone to his body type. Up until recently, Ken has maintained a distinctively narrow look that encompasses a limited range in diversity. But Mattel announced that we will see many different types of Kens being introduced that have different ethnicities, hair, and body. Maybe one will be openly gay? I guess in our fictional worlds when we play with our toys, they can be gay. I’m not the only one that does that, right?

The new Ken dolls include three body types: slim, broad and original. We also have different skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles. We also get hipster glasses, because reasons? Regardless though, I kinda want to collect these Ken dolls. They seem kinda cool. What do you guys think?

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I do not do this every Monday, but every now and then someone catches my eye over the weekend. I re-watched the 2017 Power Rangers movie and damn. RJ Cyler’s Billy Cranston is awesome. He is the heart of the team and I really loved his portrayal of the Blue Ranger. His character is on the autism spectrum and he did his character wonderfully. Seeing him outside of his role, holy hell is he hot! He also seems very playful on his social media sites. I just started to watch the Netflix movie War Machine just because he is in it as Tech Sgt. Andy Moon. Not a huge role, but he’s in it. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there is no issue with a Power Rangers sequel.

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