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There’s a Puppy Robin Shirt!

Hero Designs have made several different pup shirts in the past and one of their latest designs involves my favorite superhero of all time, Robin...

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WinterCon 2016 Pics – It Was Short but Fun


WinterCon was short but still great! Here’s a couple of the pics that were taken on the one day I was there.

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Battle of the Bulge – No The OTHER Bulge – The Giggity Kind of Bulge (NSFW)


With the holidays here, whether you celebrate them or not, chances are you will be eating a bit more just because it’s a changing of seasons. I’ve read that studies show more people eat of weather alterations that go back to our primal instincts...

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Animated/Art Gay Geeky Superhero Drawings and Gifs – Let’s Shine Some Happiness This Week (NSFW)


First, I am sorry if you work in retail this week. I know it will be tough over the weekend. I have been there myself and it was hell. Otherwise, I do hope that this is a positive week for everyone...

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GayComicGeek Art – by Steve Keenell and a Mystery Artist (NSFW)


Thank you Steve Keenell for making this GayComicGeek piece. Even more kudos for the bulge appreciation! I don’t know if that’s a real fetish, but I have that love for a man’s bulge more than anything else.

Check out Steve’s art at his Tumblr site...

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Superman Cosplay Appreciation – Lots of Costuming Pics (Some NSFW)


By sheer coincidence, I’m talking about a lot of Superman stuff today. I’m doing a a not-Barbie doll toy review on Batman v. Superman figure later, a gay porn review from ColbyKnox (see some of the pics of that scene below too), and a possible fu...

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Post-Halloween Costume Update – How Was Your Night? (NSFW)


Halloween 2016 has come and gone, how did you spend it? I got a lot of requests to show their costumes on my Halloween post. I think I included everyone that has submitted or emailed me their pictures...

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Thank you HNS Imagery for Taking These Modeling Pics (and making me so much hotter than I really am)!

This is last pic that I’ll post from the photoshoot that I did with HNS Imagery...

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Anyone Like a Little Sexual Humiliation? Giving and/or Receiving? Nothing TOO Extreme- Like Public/Bondage/Chastity Stuff (NSFW)


Nothing crazy and insane like some things I’ve seen, and everything is of course consensual. But some humiliation here and there can be so much fun...

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Thick Dick Thursday is a Thing? Your Bulge Submissions – (NSFW)


I had no idea there was a #ThickDickThursday. Well there really isn’t any such thing and the pic below is just a Meme that someone made up. But I’ll take it. Here’s most of the pics that you guys sent to me or submitted...

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