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Happy Pride Month! Here’s Some Comic Book Art/Variant Covers Celebrating It (MOSTLY SFW)

Happy Pride Month everyone! I tried to find the names to some of these artists or creators. The top pic was made by MicahDraws and I think he did an excellent job. Here’s some other alternate covers and past art that I feel is very touching. Also, if you have not already, check out the book Love is Love for a really awesome book that is dedicated to honor those who were killed in the Orlando Pulse shootings. Be warned, it is something that will make you cry. Or at least it did for me...

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Whoring Myself Fo– Oh, Fuck! It’s HIM Again! (NSFW!)

Warning!  Gratuitous male (near) nudity below!


Dropping trou for Patreon!

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Have You Ever Wanted to be Slimed? Or Gunged? It’s a Fetish for Some People (NSFW)

As a Nickelodeon kid, I always wanted to be slimed. Hell, even as an adult I want to be slimed. I never realized that was a fetish for some people until recently though. I have seen some art here and there about slime monsters being very sexual, but that was about it. I have had more than one person ask to take pics of me in costume being slimed. Which I would, cause it sounds fun, but two problems. One, I do not know where to even get slime...

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What’s Happening Here? Are They About To Fight or Fuck?

I’m really asking. Is this a porn scene? It looks like one, but it could be photoshopped. Is this a real scene or a fight? If it’s a real scene, can someone tell me where it’s from?

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Wonder Woman – Getting Great Reviews! Here’s Some Male Wonder Men Cosplayers


Early reviews seem to be saying that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie coming out on June 2 is great. That makes me so happy! Although I rarely listen to early critics anyway, it still is nice to hear good things about it. So I’m excited to see it. The DC cinematic universe has not had the best record, not worst, but definitely not the best in comparison to other franchises.

Anyways, I know there are a lot of other Wonder Woman fans out there and many of them like to costume up as Amazon Prince...

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Openly Gay Pennsylvania House Rep – Brian Sims – Woof!!!

I know it is superficial of me and that any progressive politician should be admired, but I can not help but being attracted to Brian Sims. I just discovered him by accident today. He is openly gay, he is a Pennsylvania House Rep, an LGBT activist, and a super smoking hot bear! Holy fracking hell. I’m going to slightly stalk him on his social media sites now.

If you’re interested in following him, his Twitter is:

His Instagram:

His Facebook pag...

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Guardians…Orgasms of the Galaxy – The Dildo Collection!

I fucking love the site! They have a new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line that features some interesting dildos/vibrators/plugs for everyone out there. I want that Randy Racoon tail plug. Although honestly, doesn’t the plug itself look small?

This is a great site. I really want that Green Lantern cockring. Especially since it glows in the dark. I got a Bat Plug from them as a gift from one of you guys. I still use it! (The Bat Plug pics are Patreon pics)

Check out their coll...

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Bisexual Kid Flash Actor – Keiynan Lonsdale – Appreciation Post


Most people are aware of this, but just in case a couple of you missed it, Kid Flash actor Keiynan Lonsdale aka Wally West, recently came out as bisexual. He said this in a wonderful post on Instagram and retweeted on Twitter.

This man is awesome! I feel like he’s been underused on the Flash series, and I was hoping that his character would not be completely heterosexual...

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Comic Book Superhero Asses – It’s Just Nightwing That as a Great One!

The pic above is actually of toys. Still worth admiring. I was looking at a couple of Nightwing’s ass pics and was going to just post up some pics of him, but I realized that many men in the comic universes have some great asses. Here’s a couple of them. Most of these are from actual comic books too. There’s a couple that got slipped in from other artists though.

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Guys Kissing – The Next Edition (Some NSFW Pics)

I hate using cliches, or song lyrics in this case, but sometimes you really can tell if a guy likes you through his kiss. I’m huge into kissing personally. I had no idea that some guys hated it. In my mind, I can’t imagine someone NOT liking a good make out session. But everyone has their own tastes and preferences. And because we all need a good positive image, here’s a lot of guys that locking lips.

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