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Burger King – Valentine’s Day “Adult Meal” offers Adult Toy – No Seriously! (Only In Israel Unfortunately)

Ok, I saw this and was like – Get the Fuck Out of Here! No way. This is fake. But sure enough, if you live in Israel, Burger King will be offering an Adult Meals to people over the age of 18 after 6pm on Valentine’s Day. This will include an adult...

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Happy International Pizza Day – Here’s Some Hot Guys Holding Pizzas (NSFW)

February 9 is apparently International Pizza Day. I had no idea that was a thing until today. I may have to look a stereotypical pizza guy porn and talk about it today in a video. You know the routine –

Pizza Guy:So here’s pizza.
Recipient: I hav...

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Underwear Submissions! Mostly Your Pics – (NSFW)

Thanks to everyone who took pics and those that found other pics and submitted them to me. Most are geeky underwear and some are just hot pics of you guys in underwear. I took them regardless...

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Gaaays In Spaaace – Pensacola Comic Con – It’s Coming (PHRASING, BOOM!)

More details to come soon, but I’ll be going to Pensacola Comic Con on Florida on February 17-18, 2017. There will be a gathering called – Gaaays In Spaaace that should be great with all the celebrities and performers attending...

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Vintage Gay – I Love Looking at Pics of Gay Couples from the Past

In today’s day and age, seeing pictures of men being intimate together is much more common...

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Show Me Your Geeky Underwear! Please? (NSFW)

I have a thing for geeky underwear. I have to so many that I usually assume everyone else has at least one pair. After asking others for pics I found that not as many do as I may think...

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Sexy Santa Art – Do You Have a Pic/Drawing You Want to Share? (NSFW)

Christmas is almost upon us. Since we probably will not get a new porn version of Santa taking place in a major porn studio this year, we can at least appreciate the art of some awesome artists out there...

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Guys Kissing – Just Because It Makes Me Happy (Photo Collage)

Kissing is very important to me. I’ve posted about this before, but you can tell how intense someone is really into you through their kiss. Also for me, the kiss is how I get ignited...

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There’s a Puppy Robin Shirt!

Hero Designs have made several different pup shirts in the past and one of their latest designs involves my favorite superhero of all time, Robin...

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WinterCon 2016 Pics – It Was Short but Fun


WinterCon was short but still great! Here’s a couple of the pics that were taken on the one day I was there.

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