To each his own, and I give the guy props for doing what he wants to do, but it would be tough for me to accept a boyfriend that actually wants to be a merman. I understand dressing up but I guess I find it kinda…different, that he actually wants to be a mer-person. But at least he doesn’t want to be a plant.

Oh damn is this a fucking kickass show! I already miss it. I’ve been late watching it and I literally went through the last season in 2 days. If anything, I think that Merlin is cute as all hell and Arthur (second pic) is just plain hot! Arthur’s sleeveless knight and sometimes shirtless knight, Sir Percival (in the third pic) is also really nice eye candy too. Now, I go through my depression that a show I loved has ended. I know, first world problems, but still. I will miss it. At least it had a real ending and was planned out and didn’t leave on a cliffhanger

Seriously. I have sex dreams every now and then, not a lot, but occasionally I do have sex dreams. And I swear I was in this exact same position as this guy is. Only I think I was being more forced into the situation. Which made it so much hotter.

Center stage