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Game of Thrones starts this week and Teen Wolf starts in about 3 months

If you’re not watching Teen Wolf, you really are missing out. Here’s Derek and Stiles, my favorite in the closet couple. They’re not really a couple, but everyone, including straight guys, think they should be.

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Epic Power Ranger/Super Sentai Pose!

Most Epic Power Ranger Morphin Ever

I’m a big Power Ranger/Super Sentai fan, and my buddy Rich has spent some time getting all of us to pose with a previous Super Sentai series morpher. Here’s the finished result. Is this not fucking cool as all hell?!
Oh yeah, here’s the break down ...

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MegaCon Misc Pic

As many of you know, I went to MegaCon 2013 this past week. I took many pics that are listed in my album, but I gotta add, that this is cool and this dad it the COOLEST FUCKING DAD EVER! If you’re not sure who they are, they’re from Walking Dead.

Coolest. Dad. EVER!

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Power Ranger and Thundercat Morphs

My friends Rich and Derek both are photoshop guys and both have done a couple pics of me in the past. Here’s some recent ones that I’m loving! Billy from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Lion-O from Thundercats.

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MonkeyGoGo GayComicGeek Art

MonkeyGoGo is awesome! He drew these images of me and I can’t think of a better image to start off my new site. What do you guys think? Check out MonkeyGoGo’s site at:

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