Everyone on Facebook is changing their profile pics to the Red Equal sign. Well, I wanted a more unique version that’s my own. So my buddy Derek made one for me. Robin style! It’s pretty cool, right?

R equal sign

If you’re not watching Teen Wolf, you really are missing out. Here’s Derek and Stiles, my favorite in the closet couple. They’re not really a couple, but everyone, including straight guys, think they should be.

Most Epic Power Ranger Morphin Ever

I’m a big Power Ranger/Super Sentai fan, and my buddy Rich has spent some time getting all of us to pose with a previous Super Sentai series morpher. Here’s the finished result. Is this not fucking cool as all hell?!
Oh yeah, here’s the break down from left to right:

Me- as Zeo Gold

Soni – As Power Ranger Space Pink

Tony- As SPD Emergency Red

Austin- As Mighty Morphin Black

Teri- As GoKaiger Yellow

Richard- As GekiRanger White

Gillian- As Go-buster Green

Brian- As Gosei Blue

As many of you know, I went to MegaCon 2013 this past week. I took many pics that are listed in my album, but I gotta add, that this is cool and this dad it the COOLEST FUCKING DAD EVER! If you’re not sure who they are, they’re from Walking Dead.

Coolest. Dad. EVER!

My friends Rich and Derek both are photoshop guys and both have done a couple pics of me in the past. Here’s some recent ones that I’m loving! Billy from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Lion-O from Thundercats.