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Drive Thru – Raging Stallion UNCUT Gay XXX Review – Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)

Ever want to fuck a guy at a Drive Thru? I never really considered it much myself but after watching Raging Stallion movie titled Drive Thru, holy fuck, I want to do it now! This was such a fun movie with lots of hot super hotties...

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Erectus – Raging Stallion Studios UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review – Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)

Do you like Greco-Roman style porn? This 2017 Raging Stallion movie has 4 scenes and 3 bonus scenes that are all set in the past with a very ancient feel to it. Plus it has a performer named Bulrog...

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Wasteland – Raging Stallion UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Steve Cruz

In this apocalyptic movie from Raging Stallion movie, we have lots of hot guys fucking each other’s brains out. Holy hell it it was so fucking hot. Plus I love Raging Stallion, which is a great company...

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Destroyer – Raging Stallion UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review – Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)

Step on board the RSS Destroyer from Raging Stallion. A four scene movie with 9 super hella hot guys, all in the Navy. Directed by Steve Cruz, this was a great hot sweaty jizztacular flick. Plus we also get 3 bonus scenes from past Raging Stallion...

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On the Market – UNCUT Hot House Video Movie Review – Directed by Tony DiMarco (NSFW)

On the Market by Hot House Video has 4 hella hot scenes with 7 super splacktacularly awesome guys. The premise surrounds a marketing/real estate company and their shenanigans outside of their contracts...

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Hung Country – Raging Stallion UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)


Hung Country from Raging Stallion is out. This movie has 5 awesome scenes in the Spanish outback with 8 superman hotties. Steve Cruz directed this movie and holy fucking hell is it hot. Check out my thoughts on the movie in video below.

To see thi...

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Doc’s Orders – Hot House UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review – Directed by Tony DiMarco and Nick Foxx (NSFW)


Do you have a Doctor fetish? What about a Nurse fetish? Or just a fetish to get it on in a medical setting? Hot House’s movie Doc’s Orders is out and has this exact setting taking place. It has 4 scenes and 3 bonus scenes...

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Men of Madrid – UNCUT Raging Stallions Movie Review from Director Steve Cruz (NSFW)

Poke U Man (5).Movie_Snapshot

Wow! I really want to go to Spain. This movie from Raging Stallions – Men of Madrid is fucking intense as all hell. I expect this from the director Steve Cruz. This stars 8 guys that are all kinds of hot...

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Stiff Sentence – Hot House UNCUT Gay Porn Movie Review (NSFW)

Stiff Sentence 1 (2).Movie_Snapshot

Oh yeah, who doesn’t want to see prison guards take advantage of their inmates in a gay porn fantasy world? In Hot House’s movie – Stiff Sentence, we get four super hella splacktacular worthy scenes! This was directed by Tony DiMarco.

After you w...

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Beef Squad – UNCUT Raging Stallion Movie Review- Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)

Beef Squad Review (3).Movie_Snapshot

Beef Squad by Raging Stallion is out. Have to love the gym locker room scenarios. We have Austin Wolf with Adam Avery, Dorian Ferro as a top with Jack Giles and Sean Zevran in two scenes as a top and a bottom.

Check out my review, below...

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