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Spider-Man Sexy Male Appreciation Post – Just in General! (NSFW)


My first comic book crush was Peter Parker. He seemed to have his costume ripped in nearly every issue I ever read as a kid and that tingled something in Little Paul that I didn’t quite understand at the time. Later I totally realized what it was and started to collect pics here and there of his appearances in comic books where he was ‘battle damaged...

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Sexy Male Cosplay Spotlight – Dan Morash Cosplay

I had the honor of meeting the cosplayer Dan Morash at Katsucon 2018. Immediately I noticed how astonishingly impressive his Nightwing costume looked when I saw him in the distance. What was even better was that he did not mind at all when I asked if I could take a picture gawking at his ass. He did have a nice ass. I wish I had taken more pictures now.

After a little research I found Dan’s Facebook Fanpage and was amazed at how accurate his costuming skills really were on his other creations...

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Katsucon 2018 – Here’s Some of the Sexy Men in Costume (There’s Some Women in these Pics Too)


Katsucon 2018 has passed and it was a lot of fun! There were so many incredibly badass costumes of every genre that you can imagine. I did look for more hot male cosplayers than female, but I still did appreciate many of the wonderful women that also had cosplays that was just as detailed and awesome. Here’s most of the pics that I took of those that I personally got to witness.

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Hero Hotties Photography – Cyclops and Cable Pictures (Past Katsucon)

Hey check out these cosplay pics from years past by the photographer Marvin – Hero Hotties took these pics at Katsucon a couple years ago of me as Cyclops and my friend Dan as Cable. Funny enough, this coming weekend is this year’s Katsucon and Dan and myself will be wearing new versions of these costumes but our characters will be reversed. Stay tuned to those pictures!

Check out Marvin’s other cosplay pictures, which I must say are so impressive. His Facebook page is located: Facebook...

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – AsgarDoesCosplays aka Asgar

Have you met the hottie costumer Asgar? Also known as AsgarDoesCosplays on Instagram. WOW! This 23 year old cosplayer not only suits up as a particular figure but he becomes the characters themselves. I am convinced that he has a mutant shape shifting ability. Or maybe he’s Spider-Man’s nemesis the Chameleon. His skills are off the chart and I feel like he should be working in entertainment full time...

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Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL) Convention 2018 – I Took Some Great Pics Over the Weekend! (NSFW- ish)

I went to the Mid Atlantic Leather convention this past weekend and had a great time! I went with my buddy Cerolobo and took a few pictures. We were only there briefly for about 2 hours and could not experience the full event, but the small portion that we did see was great. I tried to ask for permission on as many as I could, since some may not want their leather life to be posted. Almost all of those we asked were very open and did not mind their picture being taken...

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Appreciation Post – MegaForceMichael

Oh hell’s yeah! Have you ever seen MegaForceMichael‘s costume gallery? He’s also just known as just Michael. He is so fracking hot! His costumes are totally spot on and he brings such a sexy vibe to all of them. He does such a variety of characters, it is hard to pinpoint he best. Everyone has different opinions, but I attached a couple of my favorite of his.

One of Michael’s costumes that I lean more towards happens to be his Northstar costume...

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Halloween – Are You Dressing Up? (NSFW)

There’s different types of guys that love Halloween. Some people like hardcore costumes that require a lot of thought and work. Some like sexy costumes that reveal most of their body. (Cue in the Mean Girls quote). Others just like to go out and do their thing with a minimal of costume apparel. What about you? Are you dressing up?

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Man Crush Monday & Cosplayer Spotlight – Ryan aka KJBodyBuilder

Meet Ryan, aka KJBodyBuilder. He’s somewhat of a beginner cosplayer, but he’s got great talent. He’s currently training for bodybuilding competitions and is already fracking huge! I have followed him online for some time, but I finally had the pleasure of meeting him at DragonCon 2017.

Ryan has his own GayComicGeek costume that he’s owned for a bit, but I was able to convince him to also don the grey/black “Evil” version of the costume as well...

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Robin Cosplay Appreciation Post – Just Because

For no reason whatsoever, except that I love Robin. Here’s some sexy cosplayers that costumed as my favorite hero. Tim Drake is my favorite of the Robins, but the others are still pretty damn awesome (except Damian because he sucks). Pic above is from BlackGayComicGeek,
which I hope we can take some really cool pics coming up in a couple weeks.

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