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Sexy Male Cosplayer Appreciation Post – Because There Aren’t Enough of These!

Today I was browsing my Facebook feed and I saw five cosplay posts about sexy cosplayers. Guess how many men I saw in these posts? One. Just one...

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Wonder Woman – Getting Great Reviews! Here’s Some Male Wonder Men Cosplayers


Early reviews seem to be saying that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie coming out on June 2 is great. That makes me so happy! Although I rarely listen to early critics anyway, it still is nice to hear good things about it. So I’m excited to see it...

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Superboy Kon-El aka Conner Kent Appreciation Post – Lots of Cosplayer Pics

With Superman’s background being altered once again, Conner Kent also known as Kon-El Superboy has been noticeably erased...

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – Arsenio’s Arsenal

Have you met Arsenio? Holy hell, this sexy cosplayer does some fracking badass costumes. He ranges from Spider-Man to Power Rangers and everything in between...

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Sexy Cosplayer Guys of Katsucon – 2017

I could not make it to Katsucon this year because of some other circumstances that arose, but I had lots of friends that attended and they all took loads of pics. Just looking through and stealing borrowing some of their pictures, I have to say th...

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Sexy Male Cosplayers – Because You Probably Need a Smile Today

So much is going on in the world that is mostly negative. We all need a slight smile, even if just for a few minutes. I also saw two new articles on ‘Sexy Cosplayers’ and was disappointed that they were both completely about women...

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Super Cuttle – AKA Stevie Supes – Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight


Meet SuperCuttle also known as StevieSupes or just Stephen. I came across one of Stephen’s Superman pictures by accident when I was scrolling through Instragram...

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Sexy Male Cosplayers – Because We Don’t Post Enough About Them (NSFW)


Just because I felt like showing some sexy male costumers, here’s some guys that totally nailed it. Granted, some are slutty versions of their characters, but it counts. They made the effort and totally deserve praise. Enjoy!

My Patreon Site: Patr...

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11 Sexy Male Black Cosplayers That Are Totally Rocking their Costumes!


The other day I was reading a post spotlighting black cosplayers. I was very interested to see the great costumes on display by both genders, but I was disappointed. Why was I disappointed? Well there were no black male costumers...

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Rubber/Vinyl and/or Shiny Costume Fetish – Who Likes These Costumes? (NSFW)

Shiny Vinyl Costumes Incredibles

I have never worn a rubber or shiny vinyl lycra costume to a comic con before...

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