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Sexy Male Cosplayers – Because We Don’t Post Enough About Them (NSFW)


Just because I felt like showing some sexy male costumers, here’s some guys that totally nailed it. Granted, some are slutty versions of their characters, but it counts. They made the effort and totally deserve praise. Enjoy!

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11 Sexy Male Black Cosplayers That Are Totally Rocking their Costumes!


The other day I was reading a post spotlighting black cosplayers. I was very interested to see the great costumes on display by both genders, but I was disappointed. Why was I disappointed? Well there were no black male costumers. Like so many past posts on the cosplay world, that site only made a point to show women. This is sad because the ratio of male/female costumers are generally even. Sometimes even more so on the male side...

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Rubber/Vinyl and/or Shiny Costume Fetish – Who Likes These Costumes? (NSFW)

Shiny Vinyl Costumes Incredibles

I have never worn a rubber or shiny vinyl lycra costume to a comic con before. The shininess always deters me as I get distracted easily and I suffer from ADHS- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity – SHINY!!!! That’s a joke, but I have worn one rubber-y costume in private briefly. It is not preference for costumes, but I did like the look and was interested in more. I wish I took a picture of it...

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Sexy Male Cosplayers- They Always Need Loving! (Gallery of Pics)

Masters of the Universe Blackstar

That I need a reason to post them, but every couple of weeks I feel the need to post up pics of male costumers. Here’s a couple of people that I have met in my travels and some of their pictures. There needs to be more of these posts across the web. I’ll just have to keep doing this myself so that others will appreciate the male cosplayers of the world.

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Sexy Male Costumers – The Next Edition


As I always say, male costumers never get enough attention. So many of them out there but if you Google ‘cosplayers,’ 90% or more of the image results are all women. Which that sucks because there is a very close to equal ratio of male/female costumers out there. So I always feel the need to show and post more male costumers everywhere! Here’s a couple, enjoy!

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Ragz Cosplay – Super Cutie Male Costumer Spotlight!

Spidey Selfie

Some costumers go under reported, despite their skills being badass. Ragz Cosplay is one of those cosplayers. He does great costumes, but his work rarely gets retweeted or reposted. I feel the need to tell the world about this guy. Besides being incredibly humble about his super cute looks and his geeky uniforms, he’s also very nice guy. I have had the honor of meeting him several times at Dragon Con...

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – Tomkatt85 aka Keith!

Keith TomKatt

No this is not the real life Juggernaut. And no he is not a model for Men’s Fitness. Although he should be as he can do both with his ease! This is sexy cosplayer Keith, also known as Tomkatt85. I had the pleasure of meeting this gentle giant at Katsucon back in February 2016.


At first I was afraid to take Keith’s pic as he’s huge. He’s 6’6″ and he weighs roughly 270lb and he looked like a road warrior that ate little guys like me for lunch...

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Sexy Male Cosplay Appreciation Post – Male Costumers Don’t Get Anywhere Near Enough Press (NSFW)


Yesterday I saw the advertisements for Florida SuperCon. I got into a little debate with a convention fansite yesterday that was advertising their upcoming events. Every advertisement they displayed had all of their guests (both male and female), lots of panels and events. They also had many pictures of cosplayers and even changed their profile picture to show a group picture of cosplayers. You know what was missing? Male cosplayers...

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Sexy Male Cosplayers – They Never Get Enough Loving! (NSFW)

Kissing Cyclops and Bishop

For no reason whatsoever, here’s some sexy male cosplayers. I know many of them personally and there are many others I have never had the pleasure of meeting. Yet. All these guys deserve props. The costuming community mainly focuses on women since most photographers are heterosexual guys. Luckily though, this is not always the case. Sometimes we get photographers that see that many guys out there work hard on their costumes...

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Whoa! I just discovered Leo Camacho’s cosplay page this past week. I am so in like with this guy. He just looks so natural in every character that he has done. I met him briefly a couple weeks ago and I did not realize who he was at the the time. He is totally my hero! I wish I was this good and as good looking as him. I later discovered his awesome Fanpage over at at: He’s also such a fracking cutie and he seems so humble too...

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