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Deadpool and Nightwing and Venom…WHOA!

Deadpool and Venom

Whoa! You may have remember the video that has Deadpool hooking up with a random guy in a bathroom. Well, that same animator has done many animations. His name is Killy Stein. He posts up lots of updates on his Tumblr site...

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Katsucon 2016 Was Fun!


Katsucon generally takes place at the Gaylord Resort near Washington DC during the second weekend of February. It encompasses mostly anime/sci-fi/game based characters. But there are some good superhero characters in the mix too...

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Geeky Tattoo Submissions – Here’s Your Pics!


Thanks everyone that submitted your tats! I know one of these guys don’t technically have a geeky tat, but they are apparently geeks in real life. Some are not from the submitter either, but still, I’ll accept them...

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – Jason Peter Todd – Aka Long Island Red Hood

Jason 21

Meet Jason Peter Todd aka – Brendon – aka Long Island Red Hood. I’ve known this guy for a couple of years now and I accidentally mistook him for another cosplayer the first time that I met him with his Nightwing costume...

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Sexy Male Costumers/Cosplayers Are Awesome! (NSFW)

Sexy Costumer 5

I need no reason to post up hot sexy guys in costume. I am a gay geek and I loves me some hot guys in superhero costumes. Or lack of costume. So enjoy these hot guys!

Sexy Costumer 1Sexy Costumer 23Sexy Costumer 22Sexy Costumer 21Sexy Costumer 20Sexy Costumer 19Sexy Costumer 19Sexy Costumer 18Sexy Costumer 17Sexy Costumer 16Sexy Costumer 15Blue Ranger Dragon ShieldSexy Costumer 14Sexy Costumer 13Sexy Costumer 12Sexy Costumer 11Sexy Costumer 10Sexy Costumer 9Sexy Costumer 8Sexy Costumer 7Sexy Costumer 6Sexy Costumer 6Sexy Costumer 4Sexy Costumer 3Sexy Costumer 2

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Robin vs Joker and Riddler Photoshoot (For Patrons) – Complete Set

Robin with Joker and Riddler

Finally got all of the pics from the small photoshoot that I did with my buddies Andrew (Joker) and Dan (Riddle). I have to give a huge shout out to the photographer- Emily Morgan Photography for doing this shoot for us...

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Venom is my Favorite Sexualized Villain Ever. Who is yours? (NSFW)

Venom Movie

I think Venom is definitely my favorite villain. Sexually he can do so many perverted things with his symbiote costume...

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Speaking of Hot Fucking Robins – Tyler Rush aka Amp- Have you seen his Halloween Costume?

Tyler Rush as Robin

What a coincidence that I was talking about sexy ass Robin and my fetish to see him tied up and sexually violated, but then behold- Tyler Rush posts up some pics of his new Robin costume for Halloween! Holy fucking hell, he takes the idea of Robin...

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Robin is my favorite Superhero, So Why Do I like to see him Abused so much?


Robin is my favorite superhero of all time. I have loved him since I could start to read. In fact, I started to read Tim Drake- Robin’s mini series as my first comics ever...

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Halloween Porn: Maverick Men Splacks Spider-Man (NSFW)

Yes, Miles Morales is a bottom and I’m totally ok with that! Over at, Cole and Hunter just captured Spider-Man and splacks the jizz right out of him! I love it. They describe it at their site as:

Happy Halloween, little pumpkin fuc...

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