Spidey Selfie

Some costumers go under reported, despite their skills being badass. Ragz Cosplay is one of those cosplayers. He does great costumes, but his work rarely gets retweeted or reposted. I feel the need to tell the world about this guy. Besides being incredibly humble about his super cute looks and his geeky uniforms, he’s also very nice guy. I have had the honor of meeting him several times at Dragon Con. Every time I have wanted to take a picture with him, or was in a group shot, he was very gracious.

Red Robin and Cap

I would LOVE to photograph Ragz in my own shoots. He is a gay costumer, so I know that gives him a lot more freedom costumes and shoots that many heterosexual men shy away from. Not that I would want him to do sexual private photoshots with me…well maybe a little. But they would be very tasteful and probably only shared on my Patreon site. Regardless, it would be nice to get some more gay cosplayers out there and have their recognition be known. He definitely has the poses down and he knows his characters very well also.

Spider-Man 2

Anyways, check out his Facebook page over at: Facebook.com/RagzCosplay. I will not be able to meet up with him this Dragon Con since I will be out of town at the time. But I do hope to get him in front of my camera soon! Check out some of his pics below.

Keith TomKatt

No this is not the real life Juggernaut. And no he is not a model for Men’s Fitness. Although he should be as he can do both with his ease! This is sexy cosplayer Keith, also known as Tomkatt85. I had the pleasure of meeting this gentle giant at Katsucon back in February 2016.


At first I was afraid to take Keith’s pic as he’s huge. He’s 6’6″ and he weighs roughly 270lb and he looked like a road warrior that ate little guys like me for lunch. But after asking his permission, he turned out to be such a super nice guy. Super hottie and he’s super cool. Even more so was that he was happy to have pictures taken of him. I sometimes forget that cosplayers want their pictures to be taken, even if they do look like the wildling Tormund from Game of Throne or in some cases with him, like serial killers Leather Face or Jason Voorhees.

Taylor Engaged
Keith is engaged to a beautiful woman, Taylor. Seeing their pictures together really makes them an incredible couple. She is encouraging and helpful in a lot of his costume endeavors, which is sometimes needed when making some of the more intricate cosplay ideas.


There are a lot of wide range of costumes that Tomkatt85 has done in the past, sometimes ranging from superhero like the Flash, to villains like the Hobgoblin. But he also uses his immense size and huge ass muscles to his advantage as well. Not a lot of people can pull of Bane and look more accurate than any movie, TV, or comic book version, ever. He is definitely great at his work and I am very happy that I was lucky enough to meet him. I’m hoping to take future pictures of him and with him for future costuming events.

Sexy Keith

With that, I’ll leave it at that show a couple of Keith’s pics below. Remember to check out and subscribe to his Instagram page over at: Instagram.com/Tomkatt85.


Yesterday I saw the advertisements for Florida SuperCon. I got into a little debate with a convention fansite yesterday that was advertising their upcoming events. Every advertisement they displayed had all of their guests (both male and female), lots of panels and events. They also had many pictures of cosplayers and even changed their profile picture to show a group picture of cosplayers. You know what was missing? Male cosplayers. I have said this many times, but I will reiterate this again. Male costumers never get enough appreciation. Not one male was being identified in their costuming posts. I did call them out on this and posted. Their response was very petty and ultimately they said I was making too big of a deal and that they fully support male costumers. No reason was given as to why male costumers were not shown. My posts were all deleted from their page. I bought my tickets long ago, so I am attending regardless. This isn’t the biggest of deals, but it does getting irritating that this convention is perpetuating the stereotype that woman cosplayers are more important than male costumers.

So I want to show lots of appreciation to the male cosplayer out there. They definitely deserve it. Some of these are definitely not safe for work, but they’re still worth showing. Enjoy the sexy guys!

Kissing Cyclops and Bishop

For no reason whatsoever, here’s some sexy male cosplayers. I know many of them personally and there are many others I have never had the pleasure of meeting. Yet. All these guys deserve props. The costuming community mainly focuses on women since most photographers are heterosexual guys. Luckily though, this is not always the case. Sometimes we get photographers that see that many guys out there work hard on their costumes. Although granted, some of these pictures are just sexy guys who give the appearance of dressing up, I included them regardless. Enjoy!


Whoa! I just discovered Leo Camacho’s cosplay page this past week. I am so in like with this guy. He just looks so natural in every character that he has done. I met him briefly a couple weeks ago and I did not realize who he was at the the time. He is totally my hero! I wish I was this good and as good looking as him. I later discovered his awesome Fanpage over at at: Facebook.com/MrLeoZombie. He’s also such a fracking cutie and he seems so humble too. This guy definitely deserves lots of love. I feel the need to spread his greatness everywhere.

Poe and Finn

Check out his page at: Facebook.com/MrLeoZombie and his YouTube Page at: YouTube.com/user/MrLeoZombie

It is obvious that there are far more pictures of female cosplayers online, even though the ratio of cosplayers in my experience has been more lop sided with males being the majority of costumers at conventions. Females just get more attention from the heterosexual photographers, which is completely normal. But there are lots of male costumers out there. Which is why I focus on them. And there are lots of men that love female characters enough to make their own version of these female characters. The picture above is of Brandon Lowe Videos. He’s a cool guy and does lots of YouTube vids too. I posted that picture on another account and it blew up with lots of likes and comments. I never really thought about the genderbent issue, I was just posting because it has two costumers kissing. The genderbend issue just came into my head now. There are a lot of awesome, sometimes very sexualized versions of female characters that exist.
Harvey Quinn

I have done my own genderbent costume with HARVEY Quinn at DragonCon last year. But other than that, I have never really thought of doing another costume similar to this. It is something that I have to do and think more about. There’s lots of characters to choose from.
Wonder Man 2

It used to be much more taboo for costumers to dress as a character that is traditionally female. But this has changed a lot in the past couple of years. Not that gay men do not do their own versions of female characters, but the idea that a heterosexual male doing a female character is not as scary to the hetero population. When I went to Katsucon a couple months ago, I saw many males that were dressing as misc anime characters that were generally suppose to be women. I have no idea about their sexuality, but they all couldn’t identify as one orientation.
Korra Group

I am happy that the cosplay world is so accepting of any gender to be made into costume form. I have considered doing another female superhero, I just don’t know who. I did Harley Quinn originally because I wanted an excuse to wear a read leather harness at a comic book convention. Now I want to do want a costume that is similar to my other superhero costumes that I choose. Which that means, the character would have to have a special meaning to me. I love Robin and I’ve done multiple versions of his costume. Same with Daredevil. I need to identify a female character that I love so that I can do the same thing and make a legit genderbent version of her costume. Any ideas?
Here’s some cool genderbent costumes I’ve seen through my cosplay experiences and online.

THE Superman

Every now and then I like to show certain costumers or in this case, certain characters in the spotlight. Superman is the original modern day superhero. He was originally drawn as a strong man and later shown to be the very example of male sexiness. His creators were Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. Shuster attempted to be a body builder himself and wanted to exemplify the male form on page. Hence, Superman always had a muscular build and an awesome ass. Granted his sexiness was hidden for a time during the more homophobic years of comic books because of the fragile heterosexual male afraid of sexualized male form. But still, he is a sexy hero and here are some very hot cosplayers out there that are proud to show their love of Superman.

Deadpool and Venom

Whoa! You may have remember the video that has Deadpool hooking up with a random guy in a bathroom. Well, that same animator has done many animations. His name is Killy Stein. He posts up lots of updates on his Tumblr site. Including this video below where Deadpool is not only face fucking Nightwing, but somehow is take by Venom (another one of my particular favorite characters). And Venom starts to fuck him in turn. I love it! Check it out below.

Check out this guys work at: www.Killy-Stein.Tumblr.com/


Katsucon generally takes place at the Gaylord Resort near Washington DC during the second weekend of February. It encompasses mostly anime/sci-fi/game based characters. But there are some good superhero characters in the mix too. Besides the fun with friends, the costumes were amazing! I had to say that I fell in love with several cosplaying costume ideas from guys and girls. I need to step my game up a lot! Here’s a bunch of pics that I took with my friends this weekend. I have said this before and I will say it again, straight guys are dying to take their clothes off. It took little to no effort to get these guys to pose shirtless. Some wanted to take it a step further.