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Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Ryan Turney’s Ass. Yes, his ass. It’s THAT Fucking good!

This sexy male costumer spotlight has had his pics circulated everywhere online. More particularly, because he probably has the nicest ass in cosplay history. I speak of Ryan Butt Toucher Turney

No joke. I’ve literally saved his pics just because his ass is so good. Not to mention that overall, he’s sexy as all hell and has a fucking rock hard muscular body.

He’s straight, but also kinda playful with his straight friends in very homoerotic ways. That sure doesn’t help with his sexy appeal.


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Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight- Leigh!

This time the sexy male costumer goes to my buddy, Leigh! Not only is this British playboy super sexy, but he’s got this knack of getting naked at conventions. Particularly, he seems to get naked at Dragon Con. But he’s got an awesome ass, so I’d be wanting to show that off as much as possible if I were him too.

I’m glad that I met Leigh a couple years ago. He’s one of those guys that’s not only always happy, but he’s someone that you can talk to on just about any subject...

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Brian Parsley- An actual GAY Sexy Costumer friend of mine!

Check out my my buddy Brian. This guys is so badass in his costumes and the fact that he’s an actual gay costumer, makes him so much hotter! I love his Green Arrow but I think his Themistocles has got to be my favorite! Maybe because he’s half naked.

I want to point out that Brian is married to his partner, who is in the pic of him as Northstar re-creating the iconic issue of Astonishing X-Men #50.

I also want to point out that Brian is a badass costumer designer...

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Andrew Patrick Kelly – The FATE OF PHILADELPHIA Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight

Can we just appreciate how awesome and how incredibly sexy my friend Andrew is with his cosplay? I only met him about 3 years ago, but in that time, he’s done such badass costumes. Plus it helps that’s super sexy too. I get to count him as one of my buddies, so I’m very thankful for that.

I want to point out that he looks so much like Constantine, that I think he should do his own fan films playing him online. That’s something I gotta work with him doing in the future.

Check out his Facebook fa...

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Man of Steel bulge

I know this has been photoshopped, but I wonder how much it has been photoshopped?

Superman Man of Steel bulge

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Superhero Costumes can be sexy for guys too. These are just a couple that I’ve seen that I like!

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Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Jay Tallsquall

Many of my costuming friends are hot, and all of them look great in costume. But a couple of them I can accurately say are literal superheroes. Or at least they have the body of a real superhero. My buddy Jay has the physique of a body builder, minus the rage. I say that because he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and also one of the coolest geeks out there too. His costumes are incredible. Check out some of his pics below. He doesn’t have a fan page, but he definitely should...

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Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Austin!

I got a lot of friends that costume. Here’s my buddy Austin. He’s fucking hot as all hell! He’s done several costumes that I’m particularly fond of. His Captain Marvel Jr. and Superboy are totally spot on accurate! He just recently became a dad…a real dad. Not a ‘daddy.’ Here’s some of the pics that he’s shared with us. And yes, the selfie pics are a gift that he’s allowed me to post up...

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Who needs movie superheroes, cause real life costumers are just as good if not better.

I know everyone in these pics. I’ve taken pics with most of them and several of them I can call buddies. I love being a geek. It’s damn awesome!

Real Costumers 1

Real Costumers 2

Real Costumers 18

Real Costumers 13

Real Costumers 8

Real Costumers 7

Real Costumers 12

Real Costumers 17

Real Costumers 16

Real Costumers 11

Real Costumers 6

Real Costumers 5

Real Costumers 10

Real Costumers 15

Real Costumers 14

Real Costumers 9

Real Costumers 4

Real Costumers 3

Real Costumers 20

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Here’s some sexy male costumers…they need luvin as much as female costumers. Some of them were at MegaCon this past weekend

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