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Cum Laude – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Jasun Mark (NSFW)

What happens when you mix a super sexy professor with three of his students in the same house? Well obviously lots of sex. Here’s my thoughts on TitanMen movie – Cum Laude. The summary of the movie reads:
You’ve studied hard...

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Sling – TitanMen Uncut Gay XXX Movie Review – Directed by Jasun Mark (NSFW)

Oh yeah, Director Jasun Mark is back with a new TitanMen movie about men enjoy some sexual devices. Mostly Slings, but a couple other objects make appearances. Always super fucking sexy, check out my thoughts on the movie in the attached video.


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2MenKiss – TitanMen UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW) – Directed by Jasun Mark

Jasun Mark of TitanMen has another hit called 2MenKiss. This is more like a couples movie that has 4 hot scenes between 8 different guys that showcase what cute boyfriends would be doing. TitanMen is a pretty damn awesome porn company!

To see this...

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TaXXX – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review – Gay XXX Review (NSFW) – Directed by Jasun Mark

Everyone hates doing their taxes. Even worse is when we are audited for whatever tax breaks we claim. However, over at TitanMen, it isn’t quite as bad when a tax man comes to visit...

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Stopover in Bonds Corner – UNCUT TitanMen Movie Review – Directed by Joe Gage (NSFW)

TitanMen Movie – Stopover in Bonds Corner – Directed by Joe Gage is a fucking hot ass movie! This has 4 scenes all dedicated to Dallas Steele visiting old college friend, David Anthony. This was jizztacular all the way through...

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Silverlake – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Jasun Mark (NSFW)

TitanMen director Jasun Mark brings us Silverlake. This movie follows Mark Rollins, played by David Benjamin, after losing his job as campaign manager for Senator Mike Cauke...

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Parole – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Jasun Mark (NSFW)

Director Jasun Mark is back in TitanMen movie – Parole! We have three scenes with six guys all doing their thing with the premise of law enforcement in mind. Or more specifically, with Parole Officers...

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Cauke For Free – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review (NSFW)

Senator Cauke aka Matthew Bosch, is back in this TitanMen sequel to the Cauke for President movie. This time we have Senator Cauke trying to pass his FREE Act among a divided congress with some surprising help along the way...

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CaukePac – I May Have Made A Tiny Cameo In an UpComing TitanMen Film


There’s an upcoming TitanMen film coming out that I may have made a small cameo. I fucking love TitanMen! They put in so much work into this film and you can see it just in the promotional material alone. This is a sequel to last year’s Cauke for ...

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Rent – TitanMen UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review – Directed by Jasun Mark


New TitanMen Movie – Rent – is out. Holy hell, this has 6 super hella hot guys that have all kinds of action taking place in the “home” of David Benjamin and Dallas Steele...

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