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Venom – Marvel Select Toy Figure Review – The Lethal Protector

Venom! The original Eddie Brock version of Venom is by far my favorite of the hosts to have the Venom symbiote in the Marvel Universe. He has had numerous mini-series and ongoing series in the past to document his adventures...

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Batgirl Designer Series Toy Figure Review

Everyone loves the Batfamily. Batgirl has been part of the Bat line for a while. Barbara Gordon first took up the mantle in 1967 and has been the most famous out of all of the women by far...

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Daredevil – Marvel Select Toy Figure Review


Thank you Johnny aka Rashnu for getting me Daredevil! He’s gorgeous and I will happily add him to my Marvel Select Family...

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Gambit – Marvel Select Classic Action Toy Figure Review


Who doesn’t love a good Cajun Mutant? Gambit also known as Remy Lebeau is one of the more famous X-Men of the 90s. He maintained as a steady member of the X-Teams for a good part of the 2000s and was both a hero and villain to the team...

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Superman Barbie Doll Toy Figure Review from Batman v. Superman

Wow, thank you Michael for getting this figure for me! He is so awesomely cool and fits in with my other dolls. I’m glad he comes with a stand and his overall sculpt is decently made...

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Mermista- Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Figure Review (Princess of Power)


Thank you for getting me this figure Bryan! I love Masters of the Universe Classics and I did miss out on a couple figures that was released in this toyline. Mermista is the mermaid superhero warrior of the Great Rebellion on Etheria...

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Jeff Styker – UNCUT Toy Figure Review (Anatomically Correct) – NSFW


Who doesn’t like an anatomically correct toy figure? I sure as hell love them. Jeff Stryker was a hella-hot badass porn star in the 80s and he had his own anatomically correct toy figure that came out as well...

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Lion-O ThunderCats Classics Toy Figure Review from MattyCollector


Lion-O from the MattyCollector toyline has come out. FINALLY! It was delayed because of a factory problem, but this figure has finally been released. I do have to say that he is darn cool. Here’s on my thoughts on the Lord of the Thundercats toy.

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Loo Kee & Kowl – Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Review (Princess of Power)

Loo Kee and Kowl (3).Movie_Snapshot

Loo-Kee and Kowl! This two pack from the Masters of the Universe Classics series is a very cute duo that I am so happy that was released from MattyCollector...

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Pefuma – Masters of the Universe Classics Princess of Power Toy Figure Review

Perfuma FINAL (2).Movie_Snapshot

Perfuma – The Perfuma-ed She-Ra, Princess of Power Figure. She was the counter part to the Masters of the Universe Moss Man figure that came out. She smelled great and she served a vital purpose to the Prince of Power toyline.

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