I would cuddle the fuck out of you! Figuratively…although sometimes literally too. I’m a cuddler. I admit it and I love it. I know it’s not a popular idea, but sometimes I would love to just lay in bed and ACTUALLY do the real Netflix and Chill thing. That phrase means something else to most guys, but for me, I want to lay back and just cuddle while watching some cheesy show/movie/whatever. Those kind of nights are what I look forward to the most. Obviously there are many times that I’m horny as fuck, but there are many other times I just want the intimacy and affection of another guy. I’m also that guy that wants to fall asleep and hold my guy close all night long. Are there any other cuddlers?

This picture above is me after a tired day of walking for about 12 hours when I met up with my buddy – DannyLantern. He said he’d carry me to his home. I enjoy cuddling a lot!

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It’s comic book day!
X-Men Gold #6 – A New Sentinel destroys New York, but Rachel Grey is hiding her true potential.
Thor #20 – A NEW Thor makes his debut. And wow!!!
Superman #25 – Manchester Black is a douche. But that is nothing new.
Nightwing #23 – Blockbuster poses new problems and a whole slew of new villains.
Power Rangers #16 – The conclusion to the Dark Drakkon storyline with the Green/White Ranger being defeated in this alternate universe.
Darth Vader #2- Vader continues his quest for obtaining his red lightsaber. This is a great story!
Batman #25 – Oversized issue with Riddler and Joker starring in this story.
Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 – Just what the title says. He’s a shirtless or naked fighter of bears. It’s awesome!

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I have this friend who just so happens to be a musician with a really cool band! I had the honor of assisting with his latest music video called Legacy. He just released the music video along with his single on basically everything. With the really talented Visual Effects of BT Productions and Director Ryan Henry Johnson, the video came out really amazing. Not to mention the song in itself is very very cool.

He is a very handsome and super friendly person if you ever get the chance to meet him. I truly believe he will go places with his talent and his energy.

Check out the music video and if you like the song go ahead and support him!

There is also a lyric video too!

The synopsis of the story is “Set in the year 2166 in the barren wasteland that was once Earth, the planet’s only remaining human inhabitant, Kale, discovers a godlike entity that has fallen from the sky in the form of a beautiful woman. Together they embark on a quest through the merciless desert, battling vicious predators along the way.”

Here are links to Ryan’s single and work as well as the visual effects work as well.









This has been a great week to be a geek! I do not know if Game of Thrones counts as a geeky related material, but I’m taking it. I see lots of people cosplay as GoT characters, so why not? This looks intense! The new season starts 7/16/2017 on HBO. TOTALLY EXCITED!

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I know this is a weird fantasy, but I do not hide the fact that I like seeing gay tentacle art. I like bondage, I like guys being played with and being edged. And I’m an equal opportunity guy. There are a lot of comics and independent artists out there that have made their own versions of male tentacle art, but no full on Animes that have the male being splacked by a tentacle monster. Such a shame. Here’s some art I’ve seen online by a lot of very talented artists.

Added bonus, MUGEN game where the character of Kuromaru has lots of sexual attacks.

Kuromaru vs Tye by thebluekimmugen

I have a huge thing for defeated heroes. (I know, obviously!) I think my own GayComicGeek character is constantly being ‘defeated’ by foes in Patreon pics because I like to see him being humiliated a bit. Luckily I have seen that a lot of other guys out there are also into this fetish. I think performer Lance Hart really gets into it with his superhero vids on his own ManUpBitches site. Also, HardHeroes.com is a great site too. Here’s a few pics that I have seen from other posters online.

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I have a few figures I’m going to be putting up in the next couple of weeks. I have already posted 4 auctions for this week. Next week I’ll post up 4 more. Anymore than that is confusing to keep track of. Check them out and if you win, let me know and I can add extras on your request.

Here’s the listing so far:


Although I have only seen the movie once, I did enjoy Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast’s movie. Even back then I thought there was something up with LeFou’s admiration of Gaston, but I always just chalked it up to hero worship. Many straight men have homoerotic interests towards other guys that they admire for whatever reason. Usually this is reserved to athletes, but there are many other examples as well. In the live representation of Beauty and the Beast, he will be openly and exploring his sexuality according to Director Bill Condon.

Condon stated in an interview with Attitude (gay magazine) that: LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston…He’s confused about what he wants. It’s somebody who’s just realizing that he has these feelings. He also promised the film will have a nice, exclusively gay moment at the end. So even though Gaston will not reciprocate LeFou’s feelings, maybe LeFou will end up with someone. Hopefully.

Josh Gad, who was the voice of Olaf in Frozen, is playing LeFou. He does a spot on job from the little we have seen of him and I think is a perfect choice to play this role! Luke Evans, who is openly gay, plays Gaston. Beauty and the Beast comes out on March 17, 2017.

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