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Sean Cody Model Suspended from School because he did porn? Seriously?

To see the scenes with Noel, go to Sean Cody or click Noel’s pics below or the link for Sean Cody on the right.

Noel 1

Noel 2

Noel 3

Noel 4

Noel 5

Noel 6

Noel 7

Noel 8

Noel 9

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Damn I love MaverickMen! I gotta watch more of their vids…and doesn’t this guy look like Cameron from Ferris Bueller?

MaverickMen 1

MaverickMen 2

MaverickMen 3

MaverickMen 4

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From this angle, my pecs look huge!

From this angle, it looks like my pecs are huge. Yeah I know what else you can see. I still have some weight I have to lose from the holidays. But one week in- working out every day and no junk food for 8 days straight, not too bad. Let’s see how next week looks.



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I’m Fanboying so HARD from last night’s ep of Sherlock because of this one scene!


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LOL! I’m so de-sentisized by porn. The first thing I thought when I saw this GIF was- That’s a cool Superman Shirt. Then I noticed the hot guy being groped

Superman Shirt Gay guy grope

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Wrestling is literally so gay sometimes. I mean look at this!

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Oh fuck yeah these are hot…

I especially like the first one. It’s like, yeah you haven’t taken all of it yet. Let’s fix that.

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Guess who’s going to Bent Con 2013? This guy!

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Oh god yes! This would be so right! (Non-porn related)

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What’s this from? It looks like a good show or movie.

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