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Red Robin Flashback, Superwoman is Dying, What Happened to Mal and Bumblebee in Titans & More – Comic Load 2/8/2017

Detective Comics # 950 – We get three stories involving Orphan, Batwing and Azrael and finally Tim Drake. Although the Tim Drake story is a short flashback. At least we get something.
Superwoman #7 – Lex, Steel and Superwoman defeat Lena Luthor...

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Justice League Dark DC Animated Movie Review – SPOILERS!

Justice League Dark – The DC Animated movie has come out. A magical supernatural problem has happened around the planet that the Justice League cannot handle on their own...

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Robin III – Cry of the Huntress – DC Comic Book Mini Series Review (Tim Drake Baby!)

Tim Drake is my boy. He is the best Robin (in my opinion) and my favorite comic book hero of all time...

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Midnighter and Apollo #5 – DC Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

Midnighter finally makes it into hell and reaches his boyfriend Apollo. But he has to defeat hell itself, which is the embodiment of Neron. This is an epic fight between Midnighter and Neron that has a very bittersweet ending.

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Comic Book Day! Walking Dead People May All Die, Yoda Learns New Tricks and Nightwing Has a Great Ass!

It’s comic book day! My favorite day of the week. This time we have Walking Dead #164 with Rick and his people about to be over whelmed by hordes of walkers surrounding their establishments...

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Ms. Marvel – Marvel Legend Toy Figure Review From The Sandman Wave

Kamela Khan has been made into a Marvel Legend figure finally,. For the most part, she is a very well made sculpt. She is part of the Sandman line and is a welcomed member of the Avengers toy figures.

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Cryptozoic Man – Comic Book Review – From AMC’s Comic Book Men (SPOILERS)

A couple weeks ago I picked up the trade paperback of Cryptozoic Man after seeing it being advertised on a past season of AMC’s Comic Book Men. I love the show...

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The ComicBookGeek – Mumm-Ra (Mummy Form) ThunderCats Classic Mattel Action Figure Video Review

It’s Mumm-Ra – The Ever Living! This was the Thundercats Classics Exclusive figure available from MattyCollector’s Thundercat subscription toy series. He is a great scult and I love how he turned out...

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Wonder Woman is Insane, Thanos vs. The Shi’ar Imperial Guard, New Batman Beyond Costume and More – Comic Load – 1/25/2017

It’s comic book day! Lots of great comics came out this week.

Superman Action Comics #972 – Lex and Superman become uneasy allies and forget past issues.
Wonder Woman #15 has Princess Diana in a mental health hospital...

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Walking Bed – Class Comics Dokkun Gay Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

Walking Bed- Class Comics zombie parody based on Image’s Walking Dead comic book. This features Erick and Glenn as the sole survivors of their group and their intimate budding relationship...

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