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Fox Embargoes Advance Reviews on the Fantastic Four Movie…that means they know it is going to bomb.

If a movie studio prevents advanced reviews on upcoming films, usually that means that the studio knows that the movie is going to fail. In this case, 20th Century Fox has refused to allow reviews of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie until August 7, 2015. Which is the release date of the movie. Meaning, that no one can give their opinions of the movie until the movie has actually been released.

Fantastic Four

Some films do this as a way to keep the element of surprise or to allow fairness in o...

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Big Eden – Gay Movie Review

Big Eden

Big Eden is probably one of the sweetest feel good movies that I’ve seen in a long time. The movie centers on Henry Hart returning to his small hometown to take care of his ailing grandfather. There’s a bit of a romantic triangle taking place between him, his high school crush, and the local owner of the general store. It has a great ending and the over all story is definitely high in the happiness department. I actually got teary eyed myself at a couple different scenes.

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Stan Lee Responds to Fantastic Four Casting of Johnny Storm

Michael B Jordon
There’s always a lot of controversy over castings in movies, and never will there be a time when everyone is satisfied with an actor who is placed in any iconic role. I will admit, I do question a lot of castings that are unusual, like when Nicholas Cage was cast as Superman in the ill fated Superman Lives movie that never saw production…that’s a different post, I’ll go into that another time...

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Have you ever seen the Rugrats Movie? Remember when Tommy almost killed his baby brother Dill?


Did you watch Rugrats? I watched Rugrats. In fact, I loved Nick toons in the 90s and 2000s. Rugrats was about little babies and the adventures that they would get into. It was very much for kids but I know a lot of adults loved it too because of the complexities of the story and there was enough of a story to keep people of all ages entertained. There was a Rugrats movie that came out and later the sequel series All Grown Up, which I admit I never got into...

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Fall of Grayskull – Prologue Comic Book Review

Fall of Grayskull HeMan

I posted recently about the fan film- Fall of Grayskull, which looks awesome, but there is a comic book prologue that came out too. The story opens up with an evil plot of Skeletor’s to take over Eternia. Only this time, he may actually succeed. This comic helps the reader catch up to what we will be seeing when the actual fan film is released.

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How does German sound compared to other Languages?


I shouldn’t be laughing as hard as I am at this video, but it’s so true. I took one German class while working on my bachelors and I barely got by with a ‘C’ and I was considered one of the ones in the class that did well.

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There’s a gay Jurassic Park Porn Parody…and I think the Dinosaurs rape men, maybe?

Jurassic Park Porn

I swear to Buddha, I thought I’ve seen or at least heard of every type of porn that exists. Wow, I was so wrong. This Thai company-, has apparently made a Jurassic Park porn that is based on the recent Jurassic World movie, starring Chris Pratt.

The site takes a while to load, I have no idea why. But once it did, I watched the SFW YouTube Trailer, it just confused me...

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Fall of Grayskull – Fan Made He-Man Movie?!


WHOA!!!! A fan made film is being made on He-Man?! How am I just now finding this out? Holy fracking hell. I am literally giddy. Check out this short teaser, and then check out their site at:

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Callix – Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Figure Review

Callix Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Review (2).Movie_Snapshot

Just got my Callix figure from MattyCollector! This is pretty badass figure. I’m so glad that we’re getting figures from the 200X series. It was really well done. For a change, MattyCollector did a good job at this. Check out my review.

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Watts the Safeword – Guys You Meet Online

Watts the Safeword

Amp and Bolt go through the different types of guys you meet on dating apps. Damn, some of these are very familiar. They go through some interesting statistics and some really interesting scenarios. What are of guys have you met?

Check out their YouTube page at:

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