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6 comments to Cause the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are awesome!

  • Avatar Robert  says:

    I so remember this scene and that’s why i own the series up to rpm and then bought power rangers samari

  • Avatar Riley  says:

    I had such a huge crush on Austin St john ( Red Ranger)

  • Avatar Larry  says:

    First, and STILL the best!

  • Avatar Anthony  says:

    The red one is a gay porn actor now isn’t he?

    • J.L. O'Faolain J.L. O'Faolain  says:

      Official word is that it is just someone who resembles him closely. Comments online say that the porn look-alike is more muscled and younger-looking in the face.

  • J.L. O'Faolain J.L. O'Faolain  says:

    I can remember that scene! 😀

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