Colton Haynes Returns to Teen Wolf’s Final Season and He’s Openly Gay – FINALLY!

I have got to start watching Teen Wolf again. I watched up to the first 3.5 – ish season mark and then I just forgot about it once certain characters were either killed off or written out. But I may be going back to re-watching everything from the start. If anything, just to see Colton Hayne’s character of Jackson return. Even better is that he’s in a relationship with one of the twin wolves, Ethan. Jackson was a total douchebag on the show, but let’s chalk that up to him being confused about his sexuality. Doesn’t matter if he’s gay/bisexual, whatever, I want to see this. To the backlot episode guides!

The second half of the final season (yeah they do that for some reason) of Teen Wolf started on July 30, 2017 and the final episode will air on September 3, 2017.