Contest Entry- GCG Pounded by the Blue Power Ranger (FUCK YEAH!) and Story by Christian Ashlar

Christian Ashlar

Small white flickers of light woke the young man lying on the cold steel table. These same flickers of light danced around the backs of his eyes as he tried to sit up without the world spinning. He was dizzy, unable to focus and unsure of where he was. Breathing was still a chore and attempting to focus his eyes was impossible.
“Well, well, look who decided to wake up.”
The voice sounded like it came from all around him. Opening his eyes, he was surprised to see a tall domed ceiling with what looked like steel reinforcements and an intricate web of black…mesh? Pushing up with his arms, he was able to sit up and take better stock of where he was. The room was circular, smooth walls of a dark material and a smooth floor, also dark in color.
Again, that voice rang out around him but it shook something loose in his mind. Paul. That was him. Swinging his feet over the side of the table, he noticed he wasn’t wearing shoes. That was strange. He’d been wearing Robin Converse sneaks, he’d put them on after coming home from work and changing out of his shirt and tie…the door to the balcony had been open. He’d gone out. The last thing he remembered was looking over toward the park and…what? What had happened after that? Putting a hand to his chest, he felt the soft cotton of his Superboy tee. The material that separated him from the cold metal table had to be his jeans. Why were his Converses gone?
“Get up slow. You don’t want to be sick.”
Now that he was getting his head straight, Paul realized that each of the voices had sounded different. None of them were familiar, however. Trying to focus his eyes, he saw that the room he was in had four recesses that swallowed up the faint light coming from overhead. He looked up again. The black mesh was nothing of the sort, it was a mass of slender black straps woven together. The room’s faint light filtered through there.
“Sick?” He said, trying to project his voice. “Why should I feel sick? Did you drug me?”
“No,” the last voice answered. “You’re not used to teleportation. The sudden rearrangement of your molecules, combined with the larger distance of transport, in addition to your low body-fat content will result in your being light-headed and should you try and stand too fast, sickness.”
“Don’t worry, though,” came the first voice. “You won’t need to stand. It’s probably best you just stay where you are. We didn’t bring you here to be on your feet.”
“We?” Paul looked around. “Who are you guys? Where are you guys?”
From out of the recess facing him, a tall figure stepped out into the dim light. It was a male, tall and slender with a compact build and muscular frame. With the lack of light, his features weren’t clear. Paul strained to see the figure’s face but could make out what he thought was a helmet.
“Tell me Paulie,” the figure said, taking a step closer. “What’s your favorite color? Red?”
Another step brought the figure into a shaft of light. Paul took in a breath.
“No…fucking…way,” he said, shaking his head. “This is a dream!”
“It’s not a dream.”
Standing in the light, his hands on his hips, was the original Red Ranger. Paul felt the tug of his lip as he fought the urge to smile. Leaning forward, he thought to stand but when the room began to sway, he thought better of it. The Ranger walked a few more steps toward him and stopped.
There were some cosmetic differences to this cosplayer’s costume, Paul thought. That’s not spandex, it’s more like leather…like in the first movie.
“Maybe it’s green,” a second voice came from behind Paul. “I’ve always been partial to green, myself.”
From another of the recesses in the room, the Green Ranger stepped out into the light. He wore a similar costume to the Red Ranger, made from the same leather-like material with the same white diamond pattern across the chest and the trim of the gloves and boots. He also wore a helmet, hiding his face.
The only thing missing was the gold chest piece, Paul thought. “Cool costumes, guys,” he said aloud. “I’ve always wanted to–”
“We don’t give a shit,” Red Ranger cut him off. “We didn’t bring you here so you could load us up on geeky compliments. In fact, we brought you here…to load you up.”
Both Rangers reached the table at the same time. Bewildered and still befuddled from the dizzy feeling in his head, Paul couldn’t move fast enough to stop them from taking hold of his body. Red caught his right arm while Green caught his left. Together, they brought him off the table and a few feet away from it. With more than a bit of a struggle, the two of them put the young man between them.
“Hey, guys, this isn’t necessary. I’m always up for some rough fun but you don’t have to be dicks about it.”
“Funny you should mention dicks,” Red chuckled through his helmet. “That’s just what we had in mind. See, we’ve seen some of your porn vlogs and we know you like some kinky shit.”
“Yeah, well,” Paul smirked. “Who doesn’t, right?”
From behind him, the Green Ranger took hold of the black Superboy t-shirt and made short work of it. With some struggle, it was removed and tossed to the side, leaving Paul in just his jeans.
“Man! That was one of my favorite shirts!”
“Like we give a shit,” Red told him. “It’s nice to see that hard little body up close.”
Gloved hands reached for Paul’s chest and latched onto his nipples. With an expert touch, they were brought to full attention and caught up between the index finger and thumb of the Ranger. Paul sucked in another breath, trying to wrap his head around what was going on. Had these been the guys that were in his apartment? Had they been out on the balcony, waiting for him? Had they drugged him, after all, and come up with this whole “teleportation” thing as a part of the fantasy?
“Easy, man…” Paul muttered. “I’m down for some nasty cosplay but you don’t have to be so rough.”
“This isn’t rough,” the Ranger said, clamping down harder. “This is rough, you geeky little shit!”
Squirming against Red, Paul put his hands on the Ranger’s chest. The suit was a sturdy, soft leather that didn’t give but did nothing to hide the solid muscle underneath it. Bracing himself, Paul rode out the next few minutes of nipple torture. When they had been let go, the twin pink peaks sent small shockwaves of pleasure through his body.
“Like that?” Red asked.
“Yeah,” Paul nodded, half drunk on the sharp pleasure.
Behind him, the second Ranger pressed his hard body into his back. The prominence of his bulging crotch was a surprise but not one Paul shied away from. Being sandwiched between the two of them was having the opposite effect on him. His own crotch had started to swell. For the next few minutes, the three of them rubbed and ground their hard bodies against one another.
“Wanna lose the helmets, Tommy?”
“You guys take your cosplay seriously, huh?” Paul asked with a smirk. “That’s cool, dude.”
Keeping Paul pinned between them, both Rangers began to unfasten their helmets. For his part, Paul waited through the click of the fastening and the whispered hiss of pressurized air escaping. Turning his head, he felt his smirk falter when the face under the Green Ranger helmet was revealed.
“Holy…shit,” he whispered. “Jason…”
“He’s not Jason,” the Red Ranger chuckled. “I am.”
Turning back, Paul was confused. He thought these two to be overzealous cosplayers in very accurate Power Rangers’ costumes. With the bulging crotch of the Red Ranger digging into his own and the exceptional shaft of the Green Ranger rubbing against his ass, it begin to sink in to him…these guys were the real deal. They weren’t Austin St. John and Jason David Frank, they were Jason Scott and Tommy Oliver and he was right in the middle of them.
“So, guys…” Paul said with a broad smile. “What’s the plan here?”
“The plan, Paulie, is for us to strip you naked and use every inch of your short, stout little body!”
Tommy chuckled at Jason’s bluntness. He jabbed at the geeky guy with his crotch, reminding him of his position between them. He took hold of the waistband of Paul’s jeans and pulled. The fabric gave but didn’t tear. It was only when Jason took hold from the front that Tommy tried again. This time, the denim split along the sides, leaving Paul in a thin-waisted, white jockstrap.
“Now that is an ass,” Tommy smiled, discarding the jeans. “Man, oh, man, is that an ass!”
Tossing the jeans aside, Jason took hold of the waistband of the jock and led Paul over to the center of the room. Tommy followed, removing his gloves and laying them on the table. While Jason did the same, Tommy put his palms against Paul’s ass and began to knead the thick, firm flesh.
“Wanna take a ride, Paulie?” Jason asked, coming back to stand in front of him. “We read how you’d like to experience a free-fall fuck!”
Touching a circular part of the floor, the Red Ranger activated a circle of white light. The three of them were lifted into the air by the cancellation of gravity within the circle. Tommy held tighter to Paul’s firm backside while Jason took hold of his impressive bulge. As the three of them floated up, Paul felt his body being maneuvered between them. His legs spread, his arms reached out and his torso flexed and tensed. It was a strange feeling, not to be grounded.
Running a hand in between the perfect cheeks of the geeky guy’s ass, Tommy parted them. Paul’s sudden intake of air made him smile. Taking hold of both cheeks, he spread them, exposing the tight pink pucker between them. Soft groans from Paul told him it was all right to go further. When his fingers grazed either side of the pucker, Paul pushed back, moaning louder. Slipping his left thumb onto the center of the pink hole, Tommy leaned forward and touched his tongue to it at the same time.
“FUCK!” Paul shouted, bucking his body back toward Tommy. “OH…fuck, yeah!”
Tommy sank his tongue deep into the center of the tight hole, causing Paul to squirm, to push his ass back and arch his back so that his chest was exposed. Jason took hold of his nipples again and began to twist them between his fingers. Any sound Paul might have made was swallowed up by Jason’s mouth fastened on his. The kiss was hard but his tongue was soft and insistent, pushing in against Paul’s. At the same time, he was working the front of his tight uniform open, hauling out a rather large tool. When the kiss ended, he took hold of Paul’s head, tangling his fingers in the short, brown hair.
“You know what to do, right?”
There was no time to answer before Paul found himself four inches deep on the thick nine inches offered to him. Jason held him by the hair, measuring what was fed to him. Paul pushed forward, anxious to stuff his face with all the Red Ranger had to offer.
Behind Paul, Tommy had grabbed each asscheek and pulled them further apart. His handsome face was buried between them, his mouth on the clenching hole, licking and sucking at it, biting at the edges and driving Paul wild. Because they weren’t grounded, it was not a problem to push the geek’s legs further apart to get his tongue in deeper. When he paused to take a breath, it was thrilling to see Paul’s beautiful cock stringing out clear webs of precum. Swiping his finger through some of it, he smeared it onto the slick hole, making Paul moan again. Reaching through his spread legs, he took hold of that same cock and milked out more of the slippery clear stuff to spread on. When it was coated, Tommy leaned forward again, driving his tongue in again – and pushing in the precum with it. Again, around a mouthful of Red Ranger dick, Paul moaned.
“Concentrate, Paul,” Jason chuckled, guiding his cocksucker’s mouth further down. “Swallow slow…you’re going to get it all, like it or not!”
“I think he’s going to like it,” Tommy said, taking a deep breath. “This little guy is wound pretty tight, right now. His whole body is on point!”
“What say we wind him a little tighter?”
It was a third voice, Paul realized. As he fought to keep his mouth tight on the shaft, keep his tongue flat against the underside and keep his ass as high in the air as possible, he keyed onto the third voice. It was rising up to his left. Because he was plugged from both ends, he couldn’t see who the third person was but he could feel another pair of hands slide along his sides and under him. His hard cock was taken hold of and stroked. His whole body was electrified by the feelings rushing through it. Here he was, floating in mid-air with three hot, muscular men fondling him, tonguing him and forcing a hot dick down his throat. Could there be anything better?
“Nice of you to join us, Billy boy,” Jason said, forcing more of himself into Paul’s throat. “You and Tommy get him ready…I’m going to need to fuck that sweet ass!”
Paul felt bare flesh slide under his body, felt a hard chest with a dusting of hair graze his. Against his own throbbing shaft, he felt another slide alongside it. A shiver went through him when he realized it was Billy Cranston. Knowing it was the Blue Ranger that slid underneath him, that pressed his hard body against him made Paul’s dick that much harder, ooze that much more. He couldn’t get his mouth from around Jason’s shaft to express his delight. Instead, he moaned from deep in his chest and bucked his hips forward, driving his dick into Billy’s crotch.
“Easy, boy,” Jason told him, releasing his hair. “He’s going to give it to you. We don’t call him Wild Bill for nothing. Billy boy loves hot ass, too!”
Paul’s mind whirled as his body was maneuvered by all three Rangers. Jason’s hands held his face, moving it back and forth, setting up the sucking rhythm for his mouth. Behind him, Tommy had wet his crack and asshole with his talented mouth and was now working two fingers in and out of his sloppy slot. Underneath him, Billy was rubbing their cocks together, coaxing a steady stream of precum from both of them. Paul’s weightless body was flooded with all sorts of sensations. His hand rubbed Jason’s hip, feeling the slickness of his skin-tight red suit. His other hand found Billy’s bare shoulder and gripped it, trying to urge him on.
“He wants it, guys!” Jason said. “He’s so hot for dick, he’s about to suck the skin of my cock! I say it’s time! Let’s give it to him!”
Billy fastened his mouth onto Paul’s right nipple and began to suck and worry the tender flesh with his tongue. With a twist of his hips, he moved his large dickhead behind Paul’s sack, letting it slide up the geeky guy’s exposed crack. Tommy tucked the head of his fellow Ranger’s shaft into the moist hole he’d prepared and Billy slipped inside. Around Jason’s cock, Paul moaned and shoved his tight, muscular body back and down at the same time. This drove in a good two inches of Billy’s dick into him and pressed their bodies tight against one another. It also wedged his own leaking cock against the Blue Ranger’s muscled stomach.
“You’re in for it now, Geek! Billy’s dick is insatiable!”
“I’m willing to bet so is Paulie’s ass,” Jason answered Tommy’s ribbing. “Just look at it!”
Stretching the smooth hole wide, Billy’s thick cock slid up into Paul’s willing ass. With Jason’s cock down his throat, he wasn’t able to express how amazing that felt but he could continue to moan and buck his body toward the invading shaft. He kept mouthing, kept licking and sucking in air through his nose. Jason let him go at his own pace, which was fevered and fast. It was only when he felt the second nudging against his hole that he tried to free his mouth from Jason’s meat.
“Oh…fuck, guys,” Paul gasped, resting his head against the Ranger’s hip. “Really? We’re really going to do this?”
Billy hadn’t pulled out. Tommy was sliding alongside of him as he eased his hard shaft up into Paul’s hole. Both the Blue and Green Ranger took their time, each one inching up into the tight ring of muscled pleasure that was Paul’s asshole.
“Yeah, we are!” Jason answered for both of them. “Just the beginning, Paulie! We’re going to take turns with your sweet hole!”
The Red Ranger slid his hands up under Paul’s arms and brought their mouths together. This time, the brunettes locked lips, swapping their tongues in and out of one another’s mouths. Jason moaned against Paul and deepened the kiss. His hands tugged on the geek’s hard body, turning him to the side, rotating them in mid-air. This turned them into another angle so that Billy was on the top and Tommy was underneath with Paul’s back resting on his chest. The Green Ranger’s hands began to work over Paul’s muscled abdomen and nipples. Jason straddled the naked boy’s face, keeping his hard dick ever ready for the boy’s mouth.
Tommy’s hard cock inched up into Paul’s already stuffed hole. He and Billy’s rigid shafts pressed tight against each other and against Paul’s prostate. Shoved up tight into the willing ass, the two Rangers began to rock their hips back and forth, causing their cocks to rub up against one another. Paul’s body was flexing, flinching, relaxing. With his dick free of Billy’s stomach, it began to leak out a steady stream of clear, milky fluid. Some of this was caught up by Tommy as it rose into the air. Some of it was caught by Billy in the same fashion. The two Rangers shared their collected cum in a deep, tongue-swapping kiss. Neither of them stopped moving, stopped double-dicking Paul’s hot, tight ass.
Still locked between Jason’s hard, muscled thighs, Paul looked up into the boy’s handsome face and gave a smile that made him look drunk. He reached up and found the small closure in the red suit and pulled it down, exposing the Ranger’s hard body.
“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Jason asked him. “Having both those horny bastards fuck you?”
“Yeah,” Paul nodded. “Fuck yeah, dude!”
The four bodies continued to float in mid-air, surrounded by the soft light coming from above them. As the action increased, both Tommy and Billy began grunting like little beasts. Jason moved his body so that Paul could watch both of them fuck in and out against one another. Billy’s hand held Paul’s hip while Tommy’s other hand gripped Paul’s tight ass, spreading it wider for them. Jason began lapping at Paul’s nipples, sucking and licking at them. Still jutting out into space was Paul’s leaking cock. It continued to ooze out long streams of pre-cum that now floated in the air around all four of them. From time to time, one of the Rangers would swipe at some of the stuff and feed it one another or the moaning, squirming Paul, himself.
“Oh…FUCK,” Tommy groaned, latching onto Paul’s ass. “FUCK, man…FUCK!”
Jason maneuvered his body so that Paul’s head rested against his lower stomach. He watched Tommy’s hard body flex and push forward, driving all of his cock up inside the gay comic-geek. Paul felt the Green Ranger’s body shudder under him and knew what was about to happen. Billy’s face contorted almost at the same time, his chest flexing. Both he and Tommy groaned again as they both let loose with their hard volleys of thick, hot cum.
“Fucking hot, man,” Paul heard himself moan as his body was filled with cum.
“Damn right,” Jason agreed, his own cock resting against Paul’s face. “Wanna taste some real Ranger cum, Paulie? Right from the tap?”
Turning his head, Paul took the helmeted head of Jason’s hard dick into his warm mouth again. He had just enough time to flick his tongue against the slit before Jason erupted! Both he and the Red Ranger moaned again but for different reasons. Jason was exploding, firing off shot after shot of hot cum into a warm, willing mouth. For his part, Paul was caught up in the dual sensation of swallowing Jason’s cum and having his own cock swallowed up by a warm mouth, too. Either Tommy or Billy had taken the full length of his shaft into their mouths and he was doing what Jason was – filling it full of his thick cum.
“Damn!” Jason gasped, pulling himself out of Paul’s mouth. “That was fucking hot!”
Looking down the length of his body, Paul watched Billy Cranston drag his mouth slowly up the length of cock he had in it. Without a word, the Blue Ranger climbed Paul’s body with a sly grin on his face. When they were chest to chest, groin to groin, he fastened their lips together. When Paul opened his mouth, it was flooded with his own cum and Billy’s anxious tongue to stir it around. Both boys held onto one another until the cum was gone and the kiss had ended.
“I’ve been wanting to do that since Bent Con, 2014!” Billy said with another broad smile. “You’re so…fucking hot!”
“You…were…at Bent Con?” Paul managed, looking into Billy’s eyes. “Where? When? Why didn’t I see you? ”
“One of the advantages of dressing like we do is that we blend really well among the spandex crowd.”
Taking hold of Paul’s naked body, Billy took them both back down to the floor. When they stepped out of the circle of blue light, they were weighted to the ground again. It was a strange sensation for them both but Billy recovered faster. He walked over to a console and began entering in coordinates. Paul looked back to see Tommy and Jason still floating in the cone of light. They’d entangled their bodies around one another, forgetting all about him. He shook his head, smiling.
“We have to get you back to Miami,” Billy said, coming around the console. “The others will be back soon and they can’t find you here.”
“Uh…what about my clothes?”
“Don’t worry, I can put you back into your bedroom. No one will see you…their loss.”
Paul smiled his lop-sided grin. “You could come with me. Stay a while…go for round two?”
“Can’t,” Billy shook his head. “I have patrol. Angel Grove isn’t going to get any safer overnight.”
“Wait…there’s really an Angel Grove?”
“Of course. Why’s it so hard to believe Angel Grove is real?” Billy asked. “You just got double-fucked by the Green and Blue Ranger while you blew the Red Ranger, after all.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
Billy advanced on Paul, still wearing only his Ranger boots. He took hold of the other and brought their bodies together again. He was hard again. Paul smiled when the Ranger’s hands rounded over his ass and gave it a squeeze.
“Thought you were sending me home?”
“The good side to instantaneous transportation?” Billy asked. “There’s always time for round two!”

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