Contest WINNERS!!!!

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The Contest winners had more categories that I thought it would have initially. With all of the submissions, my friends had to make new categories. Including, the Most Tenacious, with the multiple entries by Devon Chenoweth and the animation category by Gene Lightfoot. Also, Christian Ashlar entered a story with a art piece, so he had to win too!

With that being said, the following are the winners:

Christian Ashlar for entering both contests and having a picture to illustrate his work.

Devon Chenoweth for having so many interpretations of the GCG Character

Gene Lightfoot HAD to win the Animation portion. He was fucking awesome! I loved this piece of me being pounded by the Hulk. Check out his site at:

Long Haired Creep Guy and Destroyer won the literary Pieces. I don’t want to repost those stories since it would be a long post, but to see them, go here for Destroyer’s: The Defeat Of Gay Comic Geek and go here for Long Haired’s Story: Captain Staffelcock and the Ass-Jammers

The art pieces are won by DarkarWulf

And by Pumba, who’s site you can see at:

Again, thanks so much for everyone that entered!!! You guys rock so frigging hard!!!

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