Dad Out West – A Joe Gage Movie UNCUT Review

Dad Out West REVIEW (3).Movie_Snapshot

Joe Gage’s newest movie – Dad Out West just came out and damn, it’s fucking hot as hell! Check out my thoughts on the move in the video below.

Check out my thoughts on the movie in the video below that was hosted by

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This Movie stars: Allen Silver

Allen Silver

Christian Mitchell

Christian Mitchell

Colt Rivers

Colt Rivers

Conner Habib

Conner Habib

Max Sargent

Max Sargent

Mike DeMarker

Mike DeMarko

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite

Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds

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5 comments to Dad Out West – A Joe Gage Movie UNCUT Review

  • SamDixon  says:

    I’m glad the “I’m In Love With A Hero” song IS BACK! Yeah! Yeah! Please keep it! In any case the movie review was great! The whole “fracking” joke was cute – I would add that “Farscape” had some pretty interesting new words that could be used without getting smacked upside the head. All in all – a great review.

  • Tommy  says:

    Love this movie. I actually love the whole “Dad” series. I think Colt Rivers is sexy as hell. I loved the 4th scene like you but the 5th scene was my favorite. I think mostly because it pushed open my doors that not a lot of people are willing to do. I actually enjoyed watching Connor Habib getting off on the idea of screwing his “Dad” and “Granddad.”

  • There  says:

    Great review. I love this movie. I don’t know if you know this put this one is part 4 of the Dad series with Allan Silver. There has been

    1- Dad goes fishing, where we have the old Joe Gage of father and son sharing a guy

    2- Dad goes to college, where we are introduce to son #2 played by Conner Habib. There is a line in the last scene of out west that is a throwback of what happened in this one

    3- Dad gets into trouble, in this one we are introduce to his brother, nephew and son.#3, there is also another scene with Allan and 2 characters which I will not spoil.

    You should review the other 3 in the series. Would love to hear your thoughts on them

    I agreed with you, there is a market for a lot of this movies in hay porn but like geeky porn parodies only straight porn gets them.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    This was given to me as a birthday gift, and I was SO HAPPY! While the last scene wasn’t my favorite, or the BEST scene, like you, I was really glad that it was in there.

    I hope Gage keeps making these Dad movies. Usually, he comes out with a new one every two years or so. Great review again, Paulie.

  • Mike  says:

    This is a hot, hot movie. Joe Gage’s movies for Ray Dragon Video are always great. I enjoyed your review. Even though they were talking about oil fracking, there was a whole lot of frakking going on. Allen Silver is one sexy daddy.

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