9 comments to Damn, I have bed hair

  • Mikey  says:

    Now again why aren’t you in any of the porn i download? Don’t you look “cocky”! Love that tats!

    • admin admin  says:

      Haha…maybe one day!

  • steveweg  says:

    I can’t do much about your hair. Your morning wood is another matter!

  • Larry  says:

    When the hell are you gonna stop teasing, and just whip that fucker out? Just one pic, that’s all I ask!

  • geekyfan  says:

    Looking amazing there Paul, whatever workout routine you have is burning off all that nutella. 😀 and I love that your phone and boxers match.

  • Bearmund  says:

    Damn, so hot and cute, and I’ve love to see MOAR of your morning wood!

  • don  says:

    Well it was something super I was looking at, not sure if it was your hair. Must have been morning wood.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    Your bed hair doesn’t look that bad, honestly.

    Though, I freely admit, that wasn’t the first place I looked. 🙂

  • FGordon  says:

    OK, You don’t mean to tell me that all the porn guys who you talk about don’t want to nail you. Give them half a chance and you know that if you ran into your favorite porn guys they would love to give you hard cock.

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