4 comments to Damnit Shameless! Why do play with my emotions like this. Season finale was great!

  • Larry  says:

    Well you didn’t expect “happily ever after” did you? As much as this as this situation sucks, I’m still loving Micky’s development this season. That whole conversation with Fiona would DEFINITELY not have happened last year.

  • David  says:

    Amazing! I may have shed a tear or two when Mickey went off about how he will take care of Ian. I’ve always loved his character. He is such a troubled soul and at the same time so brutally real.

  • Carlos E.  says:

    I did watch it! I loved it but want to know why I have to wait for another season?! This should be on 52 episodes a year!! Also You can have Mickey I’ll take Ian. On Second thought I’ll take all three of you. 😉

  • J.L. O'Faolain J.L. O'Faolain  says:

    I didn’t watch it.

    In all fairness, I am watching T2: Judgment Day on DVD with my boyfriend, so I think that grants me SOME leeway.

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