Fox Embargoes Advance Reviews on the Fantastic Four Movie…that means they know it is going to bomb.

If a movie studio prevents advanced reviews on upcoming films, usually that means that the studio knows that the movie is going to fail. In this case, 20th Century Fox has refused to allow reviews of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie until August 7, 2015. Which is the release date of the movie. Meaning, that no one can give their opinions of the movie until the movie has actually been released.

Fantastic Four

Some films do this as a way to keep the element of surprise or to allow fairness in other reviewers so that everyone can post up their own coverage more or less at the same time. But waiting to the last minute to allow anyone to review the movie is generally a sure sign that the movie is going to fail. This generally means that the viewer cannot warn other viewers to not see a horrible movie until it is too late because the other consumers have already purchased tickets. It’s the only way for some studios to make at least some profit on the movie.

I hope that I am wrong and I will give the movie a completely fair chance to impress me. I have low expectations, so it should not be hard to surpass my original thoughts being that I never cared for the previous two installments. This could be awesome or it could be so horribly bad.

But hey, if it bombs, maybe Disney/Marvel could buy back the rights and make the Fantastic Four part of the Marvel Universe?

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3 comments to Fox Embargoes Advance Reviews on the Fantastic Four Movie…that means they know it is going to bomb.

  • Kap Colin  says:

    Must admit that, when I first saw the trailer for it, with all the geeky references, it looked more like what The Big Bang Theory might look like if Michael Bay ever got his hands on it – plus a load of run-of-the-mill movie cliches about young people getting powers far beyond their imagination. Will definitely wait to see what others make of this one. Still, if it is awful, at least we get to see Angry Joe’s review of it on Youtube. He always gives it to makers of poor action movies with both barrels.

  • Chip Nanco  says:

    You have GOT to do something about the ads on this page! I opened this at work. Anyone could have been passing my desk. A NSFW warning, at least.
    Not that it matters to me. I won’t be visiting your site anymore because of it. I came for comics, not porn. You should gain a little more dimension. Not all gay guys are all about porn, all the time.

    • raingods  says:

      Maybe you should actually work at work then.

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